New York Power Authority Senior Hydro Engineer in White Plains, New York

Senior Hydro Engineer

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Job Description

  • Preparation of the Authorities long range hydro forecast for the Niagara and St Lawrence hydro-electric power plants for both generation and load. Continuously improve and enhance the current flow-to-gen model and value added forecasts. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate and implement the improved probabilistic Niagara and St. Lawrence River long term flow forecast developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers into the Authority’s hydro generation forecast.

  • Provide support for the Niagara Optimization Program to model generation revenues and improve the Niagara flow to generation relationship.

  • Schedule the Jarvis small hydro-electric plant releases in conjunction with established protocols on a bi-weekly basis. Support the relicensing efforts of the Jarvis power plant.

  • Represent the Authority before outside agencies such as the International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State Emergency Management Office, Ontario Power Generation and Niagara River Control Center.

  • Be the Authority’s subject matter expert on water resources management and hydropower forecasting. In this role, you will work independently on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and with cross-departmental teams dealing with the Authority’s strategic goals involving hydropower risk.

  • Evaluate and implement enhancements to the hydro model to improve accuracy of water and energy production forecasts.

Required Skills

  • Extensive knowledge in surface water hydrology and hydraulics, used to develop simulation models of hydro power plant operation, for both run-of-the-river and pumped storage reservoirs

  • Knowledge of stochastic and deterministic forecasting.

  • Strong mathematical background in probability, statistics, numerical analysis, optimization and stochastic optimization.

  • Ability to understand hydrologic/hydraulic concepts and apply advanced mathematical techniques to devise solutions to hydro operating proposals.

  • Ability to make presentations to large groups and outside stakeholders

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, or Computer Science, Civil Engineering preferred.

  • Minimum 10 years of demonstrated experience, and strongly utilized analytical skills with an emphasis in the electric utility industry.

  • Basic knowledge of NYPA’s unique generating assets and of the NYISO.

  • Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, or Public Policy preferred

Job Location

White Plains, New York, United States

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