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Quanta Services Pre-Apprentice Lineworker in United States


Position Purpose:

To install, repair and maintain overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment. This position is the lowest of a multi-step progression to Journeyman Lineman. A pre-apprentice Linemen is a trainee that is building skills and understanding in order to progress into apprentice status and begin a career as a Linemen.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Acquires a working knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of a groundman and learns to climb and work effectively on de-energized poles with body

  • Operates vehicles and hydraulic equipment/tools assigned to crew under

  • Studies the nomenclature of all standard Lazy Q Line School specifications and assemblies and progressively learns the hardware and associated materials required for makeup of both overhead and underground unit

  • Fabricates pole assemblies both on the ground and on the pole and hangs guy-wire, transformers, security lights and other equipment on de-energized

  • Ties-in conductors on de-energized poles, lays underground cable, and makes connections of meter loops/bases, single phase transformers, grounds, cable terminals and other equipment

  • Becomes familiar with associated service cut-in/out

  • Makes splices in underground cables and overhead bare and covered conductors/cables on de-energized

  • Clears trouble on the distribution system by re-fusing cutout switches and operates sectionalizing equipment such as oil circuit reclosers/breakers under close

  • Trims trees and clears right-of-way as

  • Through closely supervised, hands-on experience, becomes familiar with the operation of all types of construction vehicles including hydraulic digger/derrick trucks, aerial bucket trucks (such as pre-flight check), air compressors, hydraulic tools, pole trailers and trenching

  • Learns standard materials and vehicle equipment carried and storage locations common to all vehicles used throughout the

  • Becomes familiar with mobile radio equipment usage, call signs and

  • Learn to read work order drawings, staking sheets and determine types of construction and needed

  • Performs other duties or work requested and/or assigned


Safety Practices & Training

  • Observe and follow all Lazy Q Line School safety rules, study the safety manual issued, and attend regularly scheduled IBEW and Lazy Q Line School Job Training and Safety

  • Training shall include CPR first-aid instruction/practice, instruction/practice in the use of hot line tools, protective grounds, rubber line hoses and other cover-up equipment, vehicle safety, proper material handling (manual and mechanical) and other safety practices.

  • Rubber gloves under work gloves shall be worn while working on poles from the ground up.

  • Hard hats and Kevlar work gloves must always be worn on the job

Physical Position Specifications

  • Must possess coordination or manual dexterity and visual acuity, as well as the ability to constantly listen and communicate orally, stand and walk; frequently sit, bend, stoop, squat; lift and carry 75-100 pounds; push and/or pull, reach above shoulder level, and twist; climbs poles, balances, kneels and

  • To maintain proper safety while performing line construction work; coordination is required while performing work from pole in hooks or in the aerial bucket. Coordination is also required when driving the line truck or bucket truck to and from the job and in normal operations of winch truck or other line construction

  • Constantly uses manual dexterity in electrical construction and/or maintenance to move materials, to manipulate work materials both bare handed and working in electrically tested rubber gloves, to draw work orders, and to complete necessary paperwork to comply with Lazy Q Line School and customer specifications.

  • Constantly listens, communicates orally and uses visual acuity to locate possible hazards while performing duties of

  • Constantly stands and walks, whether on the ground, while working off the pole in hooks, and/or in the bucket to perform construction and/or line

  • Frequently sits in a truck to drive and/or ride to various line construction

  • The average number of miles and the amount of time driving/riding would vary depending on the services construction to be performed each

  • Frequently bends, stoops, walks and squats to construct or perform maintenance and construction

  • Frequently lifts and carries between 75-100 pounds, which may consist of wire coil, miscellaneous pole framing equipment, tooling, and other line construction or service items.

  • Frequently lifts, carries and operates a chainsaw to clear a right-of-way.

  • Frequently pushes and/or pulls wires while working on the

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