American Electric Power P&C Electrician C in Tulsa, Oklahoma



P&C Electrician C

Job Description:

Perform work associated with the installation, operation, testing and maintenance of all protection and control devices and related equipment under direct, immediate or general supervision. Such devices and equipment includes but is not limited to digital relays, electromechanical relays, intelligent electronic devices, Station Disturbance Recorders (SDR), digital fault recorders (DFR), oscillographs and event recorders, RTU’s and station SCADA systems, statistical load metering, telemetering and transducers. Additionally, install, maintain and operate all power line carriers (PLC), tone, pilot wire, fiber and associated P&C communications equipment. Respond to emergency call-outs and coordinate prompt restoration of service to customers as required. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below.

The following reference is provided as a guideline for persons responsible for directing the duties and responsibilities of assigned personnel, to assist in the safety and development of employees, and is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions:

DIRECT SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is working with/hands-on with the person performing the designated task.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is near the structure/equipment and is in constant visual and/or verbal contact to the person performing the designated task.

GENERAL SUPERVISION - An employee of equal or higher classification, knowledgeable of the task at hand and not necessarily at the job site.

QUALIFIED PERSON – P&C Electrician or Supervisor who is knowledgeable of the task or work to be performed, and is capable of performing the appropriate emergency rescue.

*Principal Accountabilities:  *

  1. Assist in the performance of acceptance and installation tests on protection, control, and measurement devices and associated equipment in stations.

  2. Test protection &control devices and equipment periodically and as required.

  3. Calibrate protection & control devices and equipment on a pre-established schedule and as required.

  4. Assist with diagnosis of trouble, mis-operation, or damage of equipment and assist with corrective action to affect repair and prevent recurrence.

  5. Operate a computer device to test, calibrate, and retrieve data from protection & control and devices.

  6. Assist in the installation, maintenance, and operation of all power line carriers, station SCADA, and associated communications equipment or cables as assigned.

  7. Perform switching under direct supervision of qualified personnel following direction of the proper operating authority.

  8. Assist in the installation, maintenance, and operation of any new and added equipment or systems as assigned.

  9. Maintain test equipment and automotive equipment in good working order so that work can be performed safely and efficiently anywhere throughout the System.

  10. Prepare and maintain accurate records, reports and drawings as required.

  11. Assist employees of equal or higher classification.

  12. Perform all duties in accordance with the Company’s safety rules and operating regulations, NERC and environmental compliance, and practices.

  13. Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned. 

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Tulsa, OK

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Minimum Requirements:

Associate's degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronic Technology or related Technology field.

No previous work experience required.

Other Requirements:

These are additional expectations for the job and could include specific work experience, license / certifications, pre-employment testing, expectations about travel, shift work, etc.

Must satisfactorily complete, in such time frames as may be established by the Company, the qualifications necessary to perform the duties of the next higher classification in the line of progression, or vacate the current classification.

Must have the ability and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the duties and/or responsibilities of the key job (P & C Electrician A) in this family and be qualified through demonstration, examination and/or performance appraisal as determined by the Company.

Must possess and maintain a valid state driver’s license and must meet all vehicle operation requirements as designated by federal and/or state law.

Considerable travel and overtime may be required to complete work assignments.

Must successfully complete Physical Abilities Test (PAT).

Must reside within a 25 mile radius or 30 roadway miles from the assigned dock/reporting location.

The successful candidate may be subject to a criminal history background check.


Equal Opportunity Employer | Minorities/Females/Disability/Vets