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City of Tacoma WA Electrician in Tacoma, Washington



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Tacoma, WA

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City of Tacoma - CITY WIDE LIST

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12/13/2021 5:00 PM Pacific

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Position Description

Tacoma Public Utilities is creating an eligible list for Electrician. We are seeking experienced journey-level electrical workers to diagnose, install, repair and/or maintain electrical equipment, electrical systems and electrical control systems. The work includes varied electrician assignments involving the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electrical equipment and systems.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Diagnose and repair malfunctions in electrical equipment and control systems such as boilers, pumps, motors, generators, air compressors, fire alarms, dryers, refrigerators, overhead doors, lighting and other electrical devices.

  • Troubleshoot systems which include some electronics.

  • Install electrical distribution and utilization equipment and supporting systems including main, feeder and branch panelboards; motor controls; dry-type transformers; lighting fixtures, contactors and controls; power outlets, control devices and heaters; grounding, computer cables or cathodic protection systems; and the electrical systems of other building systems such as fire alarm, physical access control, security, and communications.

  • Run conduit and pull wire for new and existing electrical installations.

  • Install, modify or rewire existing electrical installations.

  • Conduct preventative maintenance on electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Purchase and order electrical supplies or parts from vendors, warehouse or distributors.

  • Review and interpret blueprints, electrical schematics, and project plans and specifications of electrical equipment installations.

  • As-build electrical installations before, during and upon completion of projects.

  • Replace fuses in power and control circuits.

  • Change lamps, ballasts and drivers in fluorescent, incandescent, HID and LED lighting fixtures.

  • Install temporary power systems for special events or to aid in construction activities.

Performance of duties will include working with electrically energized parts, and working from heights with ladders, boom trucks or on catwalks.

Reporting locations may vary. Tacoma Power has an immediate vacancy for an Electrician.


  • Requires completion of an accepted four-year apprenticeship training program and journey-level electrician status (or an equivalent combination of education and/or training and/or experience)


  • Hold and maintain an Electrical License (EL-01).

  • Valid Washington State Driver's License at time of appointment, with maintenance thereafter

  • Valid first aid, CPR card; and flagging card. Cards must be obtained prior to completion of probationary period with maintained thereafter.

Selection Process & Supplemental Information

This recruitment is being managed by Alissa McLain if you would like to be notified of similar opportunities or stay connected with things going on at Tacoma Public Utilities and the City of Tacoma, connect with me on LinkedIn! (

City of Tacoma Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Tacoma's diversity is its greatest asset. Tacoma embraces its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic character. Communities of color and immigrant communities are fundamental to Tacoma's entrepreneurial spirit, workforce, and long-term success. In Tacoma, equity and empowerment are top priorities, meaning that all Tacoma residents must have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential and share in the benefits of community progress. One of our goals is for the City of Tacoma workforce to reflect the community it serves. We actively work to eliminate racial and other disparities and welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or multicultural skill sets and experiences. Our goal is for Tacoma to be an inclusive and equitable place to live, work, and play.

The City of Tacoma is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in its workplace. Applicants are considered for positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital or veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, and local laws.


Interested individuals should complete the online application. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will have their responses to the supplemental questions scored by an evaluation committee. Supplemental questions will be scored on the basis of information provided. It is the responsibility of the applicant to list all pertinent experience and training. Applicants must pass the examination process to be placed on the eligible list for interview and hiring consideration.

Individuals given a conditional offer of employment will be required to pass a background check and a pre-employment medical exam and drug screen.

This position is covered by a Labor Agreement between the City of Tacoma and Local 483. New employees must successfully complete a nine-month probationary period prior to obtaining permanent status in this classification.

Communication from the City of Tacoma:

We primarily communicate via e-mail during the application process. E-mails from and/or must be placed on your safe domain list to ensure that you receive notifications in a timely manner. As a precaution, you may also want to check your junk e-mail folders.

If you have any additional questions regarding this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 253.591.5400.

The City of Tacoma provides excellent medical, dental and vision plans for the whole family; paid holidays and paid leave; participation in the Tacoma Public Employees' Retirement System (alternate plan for Police/Fire); continuing education and advancement opportunities and a growing variety of City-sponsored health and wellness opportunities and incentives.

Medical Coverage: For eligible employees and their families, including domestic partners and dependent children age 26 or younger.

Dental Coverage: For eligible employees and their families, including domestic partners and dependent children age 26 or younger.

Vision Coverage: For eligible employees and their eligible dependents.

Paid Leave: City employees are entitled to received paid holidays, sick/vacation leave or personal time off (PTO), depending upon union affiliation and appointment type.

Insurance Plans: Employees are covered by a long-term disability plan. Short-term and expanded long-term disability insurance plans are also available to employees. The State Industrial Insurance Act also covers employees.

Deferred Compensation: Income can be set aside on a pretax basis and invested for supplementation of normal retirement income.

Retirement: All employees of the City, except members of the Police and Fire services, Tacoma Rail and certain project employees, are included in the Tacoma Employees' Retirement System. Information on the Tacoma Employees' Retirement System can be found at or by calling (253) 502-8200.

Other Employment Information

Direct Deposit: Employees are paid on a bi-weekly schedule by direct deposit.

Salary Increases: Based on satisfactory job performance, the City provides for a regular progression of salary increases for most classifications according to the salary schedule.

Union Affiliation: Many job classifications are covered by union security provisions which require union membership, dues, or payment of equivalent service fees.

Note: The provisions of this job announcement do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision contained herein may be modified and/or revoked without notice.


This supplemental questionnaire is part of the examination process; accordingly, it should be completed thoroughly and honestly. It must be submitted with your official employment application. Your responses to these questions may be assessed in subsequent examination parts, any sign of deliberate misinformation or intentional exaggeration will result in disqualification from the examination process and possible bar from future employment opportunities with the City of Tacoma. I certify that the information provided is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification may cancel any terms, conditions, or privileges of employment.

  • Yes

  • No


    Have you completed an accepted four-year apprenticeship training program and journey-level electrician status (or an equivalent combination of education and/or training and/or experience)?

  • Yes

  • No


    Do you have an Electrical License? Check all that apply.

  • EL-01

  • None of the above


    How many years of experience do you have as a journey-level electrician?


    Describe your experience diagnosing, installing, repairing and/or maintaining electrical equipment, electrical systems and electrical control systems. Include the number of years and type of industry or building(s) for which you performed the described work.


    Describe your typical work day. How is work assigned? How do you prioritize and organize your tasks for the day?


    Provide a specific example when you used your analytical skills to troubleshoot, and resolve a difficult technical problem.


    Describe your experience working as a member of a team on a project involving multiple trades. What was the goal of the project? What was your role? How did you coordinate and interact with the other trades? What were the challenges you faced? How did you resolve the challenges? What was the end result of the project?


    Tell us about a time when you disagreed with the objectives or direction of a team you were on. How did you handle this?


    Please provide an example of a time that safety concerns impacted your ability to complete a job.


    It is very important to build good relationships at work, even with difficult people. Can you tell us about a time when you were able to build a successful relationship with a difficult person?


    Describe what steps you would take to create a climate which is supportive and respectful and that values differing perspectives and experiences? How would you measure the success of this goal?


    One of the City's Principles that guides us is Equity. Describe what equity means to you and describe an experience you have working with diverse groups of people.


    Please tell us how you first learned about this job opening.

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    Please provide specific information regarding how you learned about this job opening. Thank you, your feedback will be used to evaluate our success reaching the public and refine our methods for future job postings.

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City of Tacoma


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