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Ameren Reactor Operator, Initial License Training in Steedman, Missouri

Hourly Rate Range: $60.28

Area / Div: 18 / 01

Rev. 3/7/24


Under direct but not constant supervision and working on a rotating shift or straight shift schedule as required, to perform and be responsible for all of the operations associated with the complete control of a nuclear powered electric generating unit. In this connection to perform work such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. To operate a reactor-turbine-generator-unit in accordance with prescribed procedures or as directed.

  2. To participate in training programs as a student, to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain a Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reactor Operator’s License.

  3. To participate in training programs as an aide to the instructor, to retain job proficiency and thereby maintain an active Reactor Operator’s License.

  4. To direct and/or execute the proper completion of routine and special surveillance tests on plant equipment working independently or together with other members of the plant organization.

  5. To direct the activities of Operations Technicians and Operations Technician Assistants in their routine and special activities.

  6. To direct and/or assist where needed, in the operation of auxiliary equipment related to special activities such as fuel handling, waste management, water treatment, plant operation, and sewage treatment plant operation.

  7. On an as needed basis, serve in the Radiation Protection Program or assist in any other plant activity.

  8. Communicate verbally or in writing with authorized inspectors or other representatives of plant management, or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, on any plant activity with which he/she has been involved.

  9. Properly drive a motor vehicle when directed or when required to perform his/her duties.


To develop and maintain complete understanding of all facets of the plant emergency program and plant security system. To react as appropriate in the protection of the public in case of an operational emergency. To serve as an active participant in these programs.


  1. A high school diploma or have passed a high school examination equivalency.

  2. Total power plant experience must be greater than 18 months for a nuclear or military reactor facility, or greater than 27 months for a non-nuclear facility.

  3. The candidate must meet one of the criteria below:

A.) Candidate has at least 6 months of experience performing plant operational duties as a qualified non-licensed operator at the Callaway Nuclear facility.

B.) Candidate has at least 12 months experience performing plant operational duties as a qualified non-licensed operator at a comparable (BWR/PWR) nuclear facility or 18 months of experience at a noncomparable commercial power reactor facility.

C.) Candidate have at least 6 months of experience performing plant operational duties as an active licensed reactor operator (per 10 CFR 55.53[e]) at a comparable (BWR/PWR) nuclear facility or 12 months of experience at a noncomparable commercial power reactor facility.

D.) Candidate has at least 18 months of experience in a position equivalent to the reactor operator position at a military reactor? This includes reactor operators, engineering officer of the watch, propulsion plant watch officer, engineering watch supervisor, and propulsion plant watch supervisor.

E.) Candidate has 27 months power plant experience at a non-nuclear facility (power plant experience is defined in the additional action section).


  1. Must have good eyesight, good reflexes, good hearing and no color deficiency in vision.

  2. The candidate must successfully complete a full medical examination. This medical examination is to include a test or examination by a psychiatrist or physician to determine that there is no sign of aberrant behavior or emotional instability that would impair ability to discharge duties in a competent manner.

Power Plant experience is defined as applicable work performed in fossil-fueled or nuclear-fueled electric power production plants during preoperational, startup testing or operational activities. Experience in petrochemical; similar process plants; or steam propulsion plant design, construction, technical support, operation, maintenance, or training instruction can be substituted for applicable power plant experience. Simply observing others performing work is not considered power plant experience. Time spent in classroom training cannot be counted toward power plant experience requirements. However, time spent performing job-based training and qualification activities in the plant — such as under instruction watch standing, on-the-job training, and task or watch station qualification activities — can be applied toward power plant experience requirements. Time spent performing in-plant job-based training and qualification activities should be specifically documented if such time is used to meet power plant experience requirements.

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All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, genetic information, military service or status, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other class, trait, or status protected by law.