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Sacramento Municipal Utility District Hydro Electrical Technician, Advanced Apprentice in Sacramento, California


Posting/Working Title:

Hydro Electrical Technician, Advanced Apprentice


Power Generation

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Under guidance of journey-level Electrical Technicians or other authorized persons, performs complex maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, repair, and installation of protective relaying and control systems associated with the District's generating, transmission and distribution systems.

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Minimum Qualifications:

Knowledge of: Theory of operation of generation, transmission, distribution or industrial electrical systems.

Skill To: Read and interpret electrical schematics, logic, elementary wiring diagrams, and use of computers in a Windows or DOS-based environment.

Position Type:

Regular - Full Time

Physical Requirements:

The health and well being of our employees and our community is our top priority. SMUD follows CDC guidance and adheres to all local, county and state orders. To this end, if you are scheduled to come on SMUD campus, you will need to monitor your health (ensuring your temperature is below 100.4 and you're free of COVID-19 symptoms), wear a face covering, and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Thank you for your support! Stay safe and well.

Position Location:

Fresh Pond

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

Work includes but is not limited to the following: (Note: While in general all functions/duties are essential, individual positions within this class may not require all.) This list is not intended to be complete or exhaustive. At the Apprentice level, incumbent is in a learning capacity and assists in the duties specified below for an Electrical Technician. It is expected that an apprentice will show achievement on a progressive scale for a normal apprenticeship period of 54 months, and advance to the journey level within 6 months to 1 year after reaching the top step apprentice.


  • Inspect, evaluate, calibrate, test and set a wide variety of electro-mechanical and microprocessor based relays, and programmable logic controllers such as: generator protection and control, transmission or distribution line protection and control, power transformer protection and control, voltage regulators, power factor correction devices, motor and circuit breaker controls, and auxiliary systems.

  • Operate (both manual and computer controlled) relay test sets and calibration equipment manufactured by AVO, Doble, Manta and others.

  • Perform calibrations on analog and digital meters, transducers, SCADA inputs.

  • Perform off line and on line function tests and take in service readings to monitor system performance. Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Check control and relay circuits, current and potential circuits, auxiliary control circuits, data and fault recorders to find, identify, and correct problems in generators, circuit breakers, power transformers, SCADA systems, and alarm systems.

  • Repair electro-mechanical relays, wiring problems and failures.

  • Make repairs to solid state and microprocessor based relay and control systems at the circuit board and component level; identify failed, faulted, and intermittent components and systems.

  • Access, retrieve, display, and evaluate digitally recorded faults, oscillographs, fault records, and displays to locate problems and check system performance.

  • Perform AC power-factor (Doble) testing, DC insulation resistance (Meggar), AC and DC high potential testing; use high current test sets, ammeters, voltmeters, watt-meters, varmeters, phase-angle meters, frequency meters, and power analyzers to find problems and failures.


  • Review design drawings such as: electrical one-lines, schematics, elementaries, logic diagrams, wiring diagrams and schedules, and relay setting and coordination orders.

  • Assist design engineers in checking circuit design integrity and effectiveness, coordinate installation plans and schedules, plan and implement acceptance tests, coordinate and perform function and start-up tests.

  • Perform detailed acceptance tests on electro-mechanical and microprocessor based relays, programmable logic controllers, CTs and PTs, meters and transducers, SCADA and alarm systems. Safety

  • Use safe work practices, methods, and procedures to work on or around high-voltage (up to 230 kV) and low-voltage (600 volt or less) systems. Work safely and effectively without direct supervision, often alone and in isolated areas.

Base Salary Hourly Low:



This position is located at SMUD's Hydro Generation Operation Facility (Fresh Pond) located approximately 60 miles east of Sacramento, 15 miles east of Placerville.

COVER LETTER REQUIREMENT To be further considered for this position you are required to respond to the following questions in the cover letter portion of your application:

  • Share with us your experience testing, troubleshooting, and programming PLCs. What type/manufacturer of PLC did you work on? What was the equipment associated with the PLC? Where did this take place? How was your work effective? What types of improvements took place?

  • Share with us your experience commissioning, testing and troubleshooting protective relays. What type of asset were they protecting? What types of relays were used? What type of test instrument was used?

  • Please provide an example of a time when you worked on a mechanical/hydraulic system relating to industrial control or hydroelectric generators.

  • What type of computer experience have you acquired interfacing with industrial machines and test equipment? What was the communication protocol? What programs were used? What type of equipment was controlled and/or programmed? Where did this take place?

In order to qualify for the advanced apprentice level, applicant must show completion of at least to two years of a recognized apprenticeship program, or equivalent experience as it relates to the essential job functions for this position.

This posting will be used to create an eligibility list of qualified candidates to fill current and future limited term and full time Hydro Electrical Technician, Advanced Apprentice vacancies. You must clearly demonstrate, on your resume, that you possess the knowledge, skills and experience required in the minimum qualifications listed in this posting. The most qualified candidates will be invited to a written examination.