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Job Information

Southern California Edison Operator Control, 8730 in Redlands, California

Job Description

Under the direction of the Operations Supervisor, safely and efficiently controls and directs the loading of electrical generators on orders from the Generation Dispatcher. Determines the status of station equipment from previous shift personnel and logbook entries, and by inspection of the indicating instruments on the digital control system (DCS). From the control room, remotely operates equipment from the DCS while directing Operator Mechanics in the local operation of equipment for starting, stopping, or regulating boiler-turbine-generator units and auxiliary equipment. Instructs other personnel in local inspection, operation, and maintenance of station equipment. Performs local checks and activities outside of the Control Room as necessary. Observes and documents abnormal operating conditions indicating a possible system or station trouble and determines nature, cause, and corrective actions of the problem from the evidence available. Responsible to formally communicate plant status with Generation Operations Center and Grid Control Center. Performs remote control switching, issues step-by-step disconnect switching orders. Reads and records data from instruments, compiles records and reports and maintains detailed logs. Performs general cleaning and housekeeping duties and trains, instructs and assists other operators as required. Issues and approves work authorizations including clearances, permissions, and approvals to work parties on plant equipment.

Test Requirements. This position requires the following test(s): Please reference tests 2467, 5100.Applicants who have previously passed these test(s) may not need to retest again for this position

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  • Email Monitoring. Applicants who are identified to continue in the selection process may be invited to test.Invitations to test will be sent to the email address used during your application. Please monitor your email account daily to ensure no important communications regarding your application status or invitation to test will be missed.Email communications for testing will come from and .

Self-Scheduling. Certain tests will allow you to self-schedule your testing time.These invitations to self-schedule will need to be completed within 3 days from the date of the email invitation.There is limited availability, so we encourage you to coordinate with your supervisor (for SCE employees) and schedule your session immediately.


Minimum qualifications

Three years of recent Control Operator job or its equivalent within the past three years, and pass all required tests (2467, 5100). Firsthand experience in the operation of Combined Cycle and Simple cycle power plants is preferred.

Desired qualifications

  • First-hand experience in the operation of Combined and Simple Cycle power plants.

  • Knowledge of the principles of electricity, mechanics, and physics as related to the operation of steam station equipment.

  • Demonstrated experience with location, nomenclature, and function of station equipment, including turbo-generators, boilers, mechanical and electrical auxiliaries, sophisticated instrumentation and automatic control systems, piping systems, remote control, and protection apparatus and switchgear.

  • Knowledge of procedures for starting, stopping, controlling, and isolating plant equipment during regular operation and emergencies.

  • Demonstrated experience with system operation and the steam station's relation to system requirements.

  • Demonstrated ability to follow and apply safety rules, regulations, and first aid procedures.

  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical operating problems.

  • Ability to learn operating instructions and procedures; read and interpret electrical, piping, and instrument control system diagrams on station equipment.

  • Ability to read and interpret instrument readings to assist in determining the cause of malfunctions and advise of the need for maintenance work.

  • Ability to speak clearly and distinctly over the telephone; think clearly and act quickly, effectively, and reasonably under normal and emergency conditions.

  • Ability to put into effect instructions from the Generation Dispatcher, Switching Center, and Operations Supervisor.

  • The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this job are of a level comparable with those generally acquired through a high school education, supplemented by technical study and considerable experience in steam generation plants as a Control Operator.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Experience with Ovation, GE Mark 5e/Mark 6e, Wonderware, RS Logix, programmable logic controllers and other digital control systems.

Testing Requirements:

Testing - 2467, 5100


  • Candidates for this position must be legally authorized to work directly as employees for any employer in the United States without visa sponsorship.

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