OGE Energy Corp Plant Electrician I in Red Rock, Oklahoma

Plant Electrician I

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Job Description

Position Summary:

Installs, repairs, inspects, overhauls, troubleshoots and performs maintenance to power plant equipment and systems. Electrical tasks include but are not limited to repairing and retrofitting electrical motors and distribution transformers, breaker repair, conduit installation, cable installation, maintain control systems, switching procedures in the 345Kv range, along with general plant maintenance activities.

Primary Duties:

  • Reads and interprets electrical schematics, drawings and prints.

  • Performs electrical maintenance activities to power plant electrical systems up to and including 24Kv.

  • Performs general craft tasks and uses power and hand tools.

  • Repairs, inspects and maintains boiler and boiler auxiliaries.

  • Repairs, inspects and maintains turbine/generator and turbine/generator auxiliaries.

  • Repairs, inspects and maintains coal handling equipment and auxiliaries and plant elevators, if applicable.

  • Operates various industrial equipment (i.e. forklifts).

  • Operates various testing equipment (i.e. analog/digital multimeters, VOM/Ammeter, AMP probe, megger, phase rotation meter, breaker and relay test sets, oscilloscope, high voltage tester, low resistance Ohm meter, etc.).

  • Maintains programmable logic controllers (PLC) and recorders.

  • Performs and understands rigging and lifting procedures to access components.

  • Maintains and inspects switchgear, station power batteries, transformers, AC/DC motors and controls and plant electrical distribution systems.

  • Works with other craft and plant personnel as required.

  • Maintains environmental control systems (i.e. precipitators).

  • Complies with all safety and regulatory requirements, both internal and external.

  • Utilizes SAP/PM module for input confirmation text of work performed.

  • Acquires knowledge and understanding of basic plant principals and processes.

  • Continually seeks process improvements that have value and increases productivity.

  • Obtain primary authorized employee (PAE) certification under the Lock out tag out procedure.

  • Attend Generation Switchman's Training and practice switching.

  • Assist with the installation of conduit, cable runs, and electrical wiring.


  • Associate's Degree in a Technical discipline (i.e. Electronics/ Engineering Technology/ Power Plant Operations/etc) OR

  • High School diploma or GED equivalent and Prior military experience at the journey level in a craft technical/mechanical for at least one enlistment as documented on DD Form 214. OR

  • High School diploma or GED equivalent and two (2) years journey level experience in a craft technical/mechanical role.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to adopt and practice IIF (Incident and Injury Free) philosophy.

  • Knowledge of print reading and revisions.

  • Ability to learn semi- skilled maintenance and manual tasks.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing.

  • Ability to interact effectively and professionally with team members, leaders, and customers.

  • Ability to troubleshoot, diagnose problems, and resolve effectively.

  • Ability to understand and comply with company policies and operation procedures.

  • Ability to understand plant and equipment systems/processes.

  • Ability to use common purpose hand tools and other materials of various craft trades.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, following approved work methods and standard testing practices.

  • Computer skills with knowledge of MS Office Suite applications.

  • Ability to adjust and adapt across varied working conditions and evolving business needs.

  • Knowledge and understanding of safety requirements and the use of personal protective equipment.

  • Knowledge of basic math.

  • Mechanical aptitude and familiarity working with mechanical equipment (e.g., pumps, electric motors, air compressors, valves, welding, fabrication, construction, pipefitting, etc.

  • Ability to work near energized and/or rotating equipment in a safe manner.

  • Ability to read and follow exactly, precise switching orders of high voltage equipment.

  • A working Knowledge of the National Electric Code.

Working Conditions:

  • May be required to work overtime and weekends and holidays.

  • May be required to work non-standard work schedules to include on- call and call-outs.

  • May require travel.

  • May be required to work at heights up to and exceeding thirty (30) feet, underground and in confined spaces.

  • May be exposed to extreme conditions and inclement weather.

  • Required to work in a multi-craft crew including Mechanics, Electricians, Insulators, Instrument & Control Technicians, Helpers and Machinist who work together to support the operations of the plant.

  • May be required to cross-train in various crafts and operation departments at various times of the year.

  • May work under hazardous conditions where physical danger exists due to mechanical equipment.

  • Physical Demands

  • Lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds.

  • Pushing and pulling up to 90 pounds of force.

  • Prolonged walking with frequent stair climbing.

  • Prolonged standing on various floor surfaces.

  • Occasional kneeling, crouching and crawling.

  • Occasional ladder climbing.

  • Occasional reaching overhead.

  • Frequent stooping.

  • Frequent stair climbing.

  • Frequent fine motor coordination and grasping.

  • Frequent work in awkward positions in confined spaces.

  • Frequent reaching forward.

  • For additional information about physical demands, go to oge.com/physicaldemands

Job Location

Red Rock, Oklahoma, United States

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