Iberdrola USA Generation Dispatcher in Portland, Oregon


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Portland Corporate Office Portland,OR


Operation of Avangrid Renewables' U.S power generation fleet. Operate power generation projects in compliance to permits, power sales agreements, generation schedules,

Forecast plant performance based on multiple inputs including but not limited to; meteorological, turbine,

The Senior Generation Dispatcher is responsible for the safe and reliable operation and the economical generation dispatch of Avangrid’s generation facilities according to system and commercial requirements. The Generation Dispatcher interfaces with plant personnel, Asset Management, Real Time Trading, generation facilities, transmission system operators, other personnel, and agencies operating the plants to optimize efficiencies and revenues while ensuring system stability. Key Responsibilities

and transmission operator requirements.

power curve, plant performance at various wind speeds (plant power curve), real time equipment availability, plant constraints, and outages.


Coordinate with each RTO generation dispatcher the return of units from outage.

dispatching peaking units and on-demand tagged resources.

Economical dispatch of generation, optimizing plant performance and revenues. Communicate and respond to directives from balancing authorities/ transmission system operators. Troubleshoot system and turbine faults taking corrective actions as appropriate. Evaluate system alarms and irregularities taking corrective action accordingly. Interpret turbine, SCADA, substation, transmission, and other system data taking actions to optimize plant

Monitor, interpret, and notify site personnel of potentially dangerous site conditions. Ensure reliable telemetry, monitor data flow, and manage system data.Performs switching operations using established procedures in coordination with field personnel. Optimizes wind generation in BPA with available balancing resources to target a zero error including

Monitor AGC and SCADA response for plants on AGC including MISO DIR, ERCOT nodal, and PJM AGC.

Respond to voltage dispatches by switching reactive equipment in and out of service and monitoring projects

Work in concert with asset and wind plant managers regarding outage management and other operational

Interpret and respond to substation alarms and inform appropriate personnel to troubleshoot. Perform periodic and real time system reporting. Evaluate and troubleshoot systems and networks, perform real time maintenance and corrective actions. Understands and adheres to applicable NERC reliability standards. Call-out field and emergency service personnel as appropriate. Adhere to effective internal controls.

for voltage schedule compliance. Additional Responsibilities



5 years’ experience in generation dispatch, real time operations, or power plant and transmission operations

Ability and willingness to obtain) both the PJM and NERC generation dispatcher certifications within one year

Understanding of control room operations and generation dispatch. Ability to read and interpret requirements to operate generating systems, schematics and one-line diagrams. Familiar with MS Office, OSI PI, diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. Ability to work rotating shifts of 12 hours, including night shifts, weekends and holidays and be on-call. Ability to travel (less than 10%).

experience. The company may consider those with some technical training but less business experience at a lower level.

of start date.

Preferred Qualifications

Additional Success Factors


matrixed global organization with minimal supervision.

Experience in real time operations or a control room environment. NERC or PJM certification. Power plant operations. Electrical, technical, or engineering experience. Balancing authority operations.

Ability to navigate and succeed in a highly matrixed reporting structure, preferably at an international

Self-starter with demonstrated performance leading initiatives and building consensus at all levels of a

All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a background check, references, drug screen, verification of legal right to work in the U.S., and in some cases, a credit check. A credit check will be administered when a prospective employee will be working in Finance, Accounting, Treasury or where duties may involve handling of funds, accounts or cash.

Avangrid Renewables is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, protected veteran status, status as anindividual with a disability, or any other status or class protected by federal or state law.

Full Time Non-Exempt

Company: Avangrid Renewables

Department: NCC

Job Title: Generation Dispatcher

Location: Portland, OR

REFERENCE: 5091721203

Publication date: 12.04.2018