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OGE Energy Corp NERC Certified System Operator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

NERC Certified System Operator

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Position Summary:

Responsible for the safe, reliable, stable and economic round-the-clock operation of OG&E's electric transmission system as well as maintaining compliance with the various regulatory obligations imposed upon this role by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP). Has the responsibility and authority to implement real-time actions to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System.

Primary Duties:

  • Ensures the reliability of the bulk electric system within OKGE’s balancing authority area (as defined by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation [NERC]) by monitoring and controlling system parameters such as frequency, line flows and transmission-level voltage within prescribed limits; Acts promptly to return the system to a stable state when voltage and/or frequency excursions occur.

  • Maintains real-time compliance with reliability standards set by regulatory authorities.

  • Monitors and controls transmission system parameters including system load, frequency, voltage, VAR flow, line flows, transformer flows, tap positions and direction of energy flow, and maintains acceptable voltage profiles in accordance with established reliability standards and OG&E policies and procedures.

  • Monitors electric generation, total customer electricity demand and interchange to ensure that the company meets its Balancing Authority obligations; Ensures that the Balancing Area maintains required level of operating reserves.

  • Leads or assists in transmission system troubleshooting.

  • Determines trouble location and analyzes cause, routes trouble report to appropriate unit for corrective action and advises all those affected of corrective actions.

  • Writes, reviews, evaluates, coordinates and directs all switching operations to safely and reliably take transmission facilities out of service for maintenance and safely and reliably return those facilities to service.

  • Directs immediate actions by transmission operators, transmission owners, balancing authorities, generator operators, load-serving entities, distribution operators and purchasing-selling entities within the reliability coordinator area to preserve the integrity and reliability of the bulk electric system.

  • Directs transmission switching, load shedding and generator loading to meet NERC Operating policy requirements under normal and emergency conditions.

  • Acts as the Operating Authority for the transmission system and directs generation dispatcher to make adjustments to generation for Transmission Loading Relief (TLR), Out of Merit Energy (OOME) directives, or curtailments necessary to maintain system integrity, or as otherwise directed by the SPP Reliability Coordinator.

  • Performs system contingency analysis for transmission system at regular intervals during shift to identify situations that result in line or transformer overloads or abnormal voltages.

  • Monitors all transmission system alarms.

  • Observes normal and emergency ratings.

  • Reconciles study voltages and observed voltages to identify telemetry errors.

  • Initiates load curtailment, line loading relief and island operation programs with generation and distribution operating personnel.

  • Verifies, updates and balances interconnected meter readings with interconnect companies.


  • High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.

  • Three (3) years Transmission Operator/System Operator work experience; or Three (3) years Regional Transmission Organization work experience within a directly related role (e.g., Reliability Coordinator, Real Time Balancing Reliability Unit Commitment Operator); or Five (5) years combined experience as in a Transmission Control Center (minimum of 1 years, e.g.

  • Associate System Operator) and Distribution Control Center or Regional Transmission Organization work experience within a directly related role (e.g., Distribution Control Center Operator, Reliability Coordinator or Real Time Balancing Reliability Unit Commitment Operator).

  • NERC System Operator Certification (BT level or higher level).

  • Completion of OG&E System Operator training within 9 months of start in position.

  • Valid State Driver's License.

Preferred Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Strong knowledge of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) criteria and requirements.

  • Strong technical knowledge of voltage control, protective relaying and control center emergency operation conditions.

  • Strong knowledge of the generation/interconnected transmission system operation, and ability to transfer knowledge into execution of real time load flow studies and contingency analysis.

  • Excellent personal computer skills with advanced knowledge of general and/or specialized applications.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to handle stress and work efficiently during emergency and heavy workload conditions, and handle several tasks simultaneously.

  • Demonstrated strong ability to troubleshoot and prioritize responsibilities.

  • Strong knowledge of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Strong knowledge of safety and electrical hazards and ability to communicate safety and electrical hazards in order to ensure safe operation of OGE transmission systems.

  • Demonstrated customer focus and customer service skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to perform duties of position without direct supervision.

Working Conditions:

  • Office environment.

  • May be required to work non-standard work schedules.

  • May require travel.

  • Obtain and/or maintain required certifications (e.g., Class “Aâ€Â? Certified Switchman).

  • Requires working extensive hours at multiple computer terminals.

Special Safety Requirements:

  • This position is a classified as a Safety-Sensitive Job under state law. Individuals in this position are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in OGE Energy Corp.'s Drug Testing Plan.

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    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

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