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MidAmerican Energy Company Asst Unit Operator (R) - may accept apprentice in Muscatine, Iowa

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Job Function) General Statement of Duties Under the general supervision or the direction of the Unit Operator, and on a rotating shift basis, this classification is responsible for the safe, efficient, and proper operation of all equipment not controlled remotely from the control room associated with the respective generating units. This classification makes periodic inspections of all plant equipment and investigates trouble and troubleshoots problems. Equipment includes boilers and their auxiliaries, turbines and their auxiliaries, generators and their auxiliaries, water wheels, and all other plant equipment. This classification is qualified to perform the duties of the Unit Operator and may fill in for this position during the absence of the Unit Operator. Performs minor maintenance as assigned. Typical Duties 1. Performs work in a safe manner. Complies with all safety rules, regulations and procedures. Performs all work that they are qualified and trained to do in a manner that protects themselves, their fellow employees and the public from injury. 2. Properly relieves the previous shift, including checking for special orders, operating conditions, data sheets, alarm panels/points and the general condition of the equipment as indicated by instruments or computer logs. Notifies the plant supervisor, or Unit Operator, of critical or abnormal operating conditions. 3. Makes periodic inspections of equipment located in the plant as necessary or as directed to assure safe, efficient and economical operation. Work performed includes: taking readings from indicating devices, checking and lubricating equipment, adjusting packing, checking oil pressure and temperatures, cleaning strainers, performs vibration monitoring, and checking oil flows. Equipment includes, but not limited to, forced draft fans, induced draft fans, primary air fans, seal air fans, soot blowing equipment, air compressors, boiler feed pumps, boiler feed pump turbines, circulating water pumps, hotwellpumps, evactors, condensers, transformers, cooling water pumps, bearing water pumps, turbine oil pumps, heater drip pumps, ash sluice pumps, hydrogen equipment, stator cooling water equipment, CO2 equipment, pulverizers, boilers, turbines, generators, and switchgear. Performs tests on equipment as directed. Puts demineralizers, water softeners, water filters, and condensate polishers in and out of service as directed. Operates electrostatic precipitators and fly ash removal systems. Operates ash removal systems. Operates all equipment in the screen houses. Backwashes condensers as necessary. Regulates boiler blowdown as necessary. 4. Inspects boilers and burners for proper operation. Walks the boiler on a regular basis checking for the normal operation of all associated equipment. Hand lances boilers as necessary. Regenerates demineralizers, sodium cycle softeners, and other water treatment equipment as directed. Fills chemical feeders and operates feeders to inject proper chemical into the plant water system as directed. Obtains water and oil samples as required. Operates all other plant equipment as directed. 5. Reads and records data as assigned. Maintains a chronological record of data concerning equipment, either manually or through use of the plant computer system. Maintains proper oil levels. Minor oil changes as required. Lubricates equipment. Changes shear pins on traveling screens, clean and unplugs drain lines, sluice lines, and pyrite lines by removing access covers to rod or blow out. 6. Isolates equipment as required. May perform switching operations as directed. 7. May operate diesel generators and combustion turbines from outside the control room. 8. Leads, trains and instructs other employees in their work. As stated in the job description; high school diploma or GED. Preference will be given to equipment operators; other bidders must complete the equipment operator apprenticeship prior to filling the position of assistant unit operator. Complete any pre-job testing required. Employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without an accommodation. We celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion, and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion or religious creed, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status (except as required by law), gender (including gender identity and expression), sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, genetic information, physical or mental disability, veteran or military status, familial or parental status, marital status or any other category protected by applicable local, state or U.S. federal law. Job: Plant Positions* *Organization: Generation *Title: *Asst Unit Operator (R) - may accept apprentice Location: IA-Muscatine Requisition ID: 2301000