LG&E and KU Energy Field Transmission Distribution Helper Muldraugh in Muldraugh, Kentucky

Title Field Transmission Distribution Helper Muldraugh

Requisition ID 4376BR

Address 500 LG&E Road

City Muldraugh

State Kentucky

Job Function Gas Control

Position Purpose Employee will learn, perform, and assist in various skilled, unskilled, and technical duties in the operation, construction, removal and maintenance of the gas distribution, transmission, and underground storage system.

Required Education & Experience GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS 1. Employee must meet all general qualifications of employment. 2. Employee must meet all qualifications as required by Federal, State and Municipal regulations as applies to this position 3. Employee must be able to speak, understand, read and write English, and be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. 4. Employee must have education or knowledge equivalent to that normally represented by satisfactory completion of the requirements of a high school diploma, or equivalent. 5. Employee must be able to learn to use the tools and equipment required in the work. 6. Employee must be willing to become familiar with the Company Safety Rules and willingly comply with such rules. 7. Employee must have a valid state driver's license, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and pass the Transportation Department's driver's test for operating Company vehicles, including those with manual transmissions. This includes obtaining any special endorsements upon request; at a minimum Tank & HazMat 8. Employee must be willing to work inside and outside under varying weather conditions. 9. Employee must be willing to report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 10. Employee must be capable of obtaining the necessary certifications for the wearing and operation of respirator equipment upon request. 11. Employee must be in good health and be able to perform the physical requirements of the job, which include heavy manual labor. 12. Employee must possess the willingness and ability to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to higher classifications. 13. Employee must be willing and able to communicate through both verbal and written reports. 14. Employee must be able to learn to make and read simple drawings and sketches. 15. Employee must be willing to carry through work assignments, and must be willing to conduct himself/herself in a manner that encourages cooperation and satisfactory work from others assigned to work with him/her. 16. Employee must successfully complete such entry level testing programs as are promulgated by Louisville Gas and Electric to measure job responsive aptitude, ability to retain knowledge, and problem solving skills. 17. Within 1-year of entry into this line or progression, Employee must reside within a 45-minute drive of the Muldraugh Station to support after hour emergency response. 19. Regular attendance is essential for satisfactory performance of this position.

Preferred Qualifications 1. Employee must be able to perform simple arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) encountered on the job. 2. Employee must be able to read and understand street maps and have a general knowledge of streets in the service area. 3. Employee must be able to communicate by radio and/or telephone. 4. Employee must be willing to work with high-pressure gas and gas that may contain hydrogen sulfide. 5. Employee must have demonstrated the ability to smell and distinguish the smell of odorant 6. Employee must meet operator qualifications requirements for all covered job tasks performed by Field, Transmission and Distribution Mechanic Helper.

Job Description GENERAL DUTIES The normal duties may include but are not limited to the following: 1. Employee will be knowledgeable of and follow all safety policies, practices, and procedures. 2. Employee will, when directed by supervision, report to assigned locations for the purpose of receiving training and will actively participate in the training activities. 3. Employee will carry out assignments in training for and/or performing firefighting and first aid. 4. Employee will exhibit an adequate competency level pertaining to activities delineated in the Duties and Qualifications sections of this job classification. Such competency shall be demonstrated via performance of job duties and training and testing programs administered at intervals prescribed by Louisville Gas and Electric to assure correct classification of employees. 5. Employee will, during the normal performance of his/her duties, watch for and promptly report to supervision any damaged or defective equipment or conditions which may cause damage or injury. 6. Employee will perform duties of lower or higher classifications that are within his/her capabilities including those needed for the purpose of training in the requirements of the higher classifications, as directed by supervision and that are necessary for Company operations 7. Employee will keep all equipment, tools, and materials and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. 8. Employee will report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 9. Employee will perform work in a responsible and cooperative manner to facilitate a positive working environment 10. Employee will compile information and generate reports, forms and documents as required. 11. Employee will represent the Company to the community with attention to the highest standard of conduct, appearance, and attitude. 12. Employee will report, to proper supervision, job progress and all problems, or other factors, which affect the job. SPECIFIC DUTIES Duties, which may include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Employee will perform and assist others in the various duties involved with the construction, operation, removal, and maintenance of gas mains, services, metering, and/or regulation equipment and other related facilities. 2. Employee will perform and assist others in duties related to customer piping inspections, such as, but not limited to, actual visual inspections, pressure testing, and customer information, including explaining various rules and regulations connected to such duties. 3. Employee will perform duties of lighting customer appliances. 4. Employee will perform the duties of changing charts. 5. Employee will perform and assist others in the performance of turn-ons and turn-offs on customer services, including electric if required. 6. Employee will set, inspect, operate, adjust, place, change, remove and make minor field repairs to gas meters, regulators, and over-pressure protection devices for residential and small commercial customers. 7. Employee will test customer piping for leaks including soap testing exposed piping and locating and probing for gas leaks. 8. Employee will perform and assist other in investigating, answering, and correcting all types of gas service complaints. 9. Employee will use various instruments such as, but not limited to, pipeline locators, metal detectors, voltmeters, odorometers, combustible gas indicators, and leak survey equipment. 10. Employee will operate and maintain various equipment such as, but not limited to, air compressors, backhoes, loaders, boom trucks, grass cutting equipment, forklifts, tractors, chain saws, water pumps, needle scalers, paint sprayers, air wrenches, hydraulic lubricant guns, grinders and miscellaneous hand tools that are used in the area. 11. Employee will develop and maintain a current working knowledge of the gas systems and maps and records of the areas to which he/she is assigned 12. Employee and will assist in maintaining adequate supplies on Company vehicles and in stores. 13. Employee will perform manual labor duties that include, but are not limited to, digging, backfilling, loading and unloading supplies, pipe, materials, and equipment. 14. Employee will assist in the performance of pipefitting duties, such as, but not limited to the following: cleaning, measuring, cutting, threading, and fitting pipe. 15. Employee will perform the duties of the various methods of corrosion control such as, but not limited to the following: cleaning, painting, priming, coating and wrapping pipe and fittings; installing insulated couplers and flanges; installing anodes; and installing corrosion coupons. 16. Employee will assist in patrolling pipelines to detect leaks, other risks, and the condition of pipeline rights-of-way 17. Employee will attend, perform and support hazardous waste training, if requested. Employee will handle, transport, and otherwise manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 18. Employee will learn to and assist in the use of cutting and welding equipment on non-pressure rated facilities. 19. Employee will perform various facilities maintenance duties. 20. Employee will learn and obtain an understanding of lockout/tag procedures. 21. Employee will perform various painting duties. 22. Employee will assist in the operation and minor maintenance duties of gas compressors, if used in the area. 23. Employee will assist in the maintenance and construction of gas wells such as, but not limited to, operating casing elevators, cleaning casing threads, spinning or making up casing, and using chain tongs. 24. Employee will assist in the duties of well gauging. 25. Employee will perform sampling of various liquids and wastes associated with Transmission and Storage operations including labeling and maintain files and records. 26. Employee will assist in various field duties such as: erecting and maintaining pipeline warning signs/markers. 27. Employee will learn the locations of all underground storage facilities including, but not limited to, wells, drips, risers, valves and pipelines. 28. Employee will assist in drip blowing. 29. Employee will assist in the operation and maintenance of valves. 30. Employee will assist in the corrosion inspection, killing, permanently plugging, drilling, swabbing, installation of down hole equipment, installation/removal of bridge plugs, or relining of gas storage wells 31. Employee will assist in the operations and maintenance of field compression equipment, water handling systems, pumps, down hole pumps, pump jacks, generators, and other equipment associated with gas collection systems in the storage fields

Work Conditions Exposure to heat, cold, wind, rain, etc. as well as exposure to loud equipment noises and odors. Frequent driving, and walking. Must be capable of wearing assisted breathing devices (respirator). Heavy lifting and hand-digging excavations will be required.

Physical Effort Must be able to lift 55 lbs. from the ground to the height of 30 inches and from waist level to chest level on a daily basis; Typical equipment/materials that must be lifted includes but is not limited to valves, pumps, motors, reels of cable/tubing, etc.; Able to climb up and down stairs and vertical and inclined ladders unassisted on a daily basis; Perform hand manipulations extended from your body and near floor level for extended periods of time on a daily basis; Work with hands typically involves but is not limited to turning valves, breaking bolts, and working on pipes, meters, and wells

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