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Ameren Lineman (Transmission) in Maryland Heights, Missouri

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Position - 1

Area/Div 15/02

Hourly Rate - 49.98

Rev. 1/24/19

DUTIES: Under direct but not constant supervision, to do a full range of overhead line construction and maintenance work on the electrical transmission, sub-transmission, distribution, or service systems in urban, suburban, or rural areas; to do such work on lines either dead or energized and at all voltages; and to perform similar and less skilled work as required. In this connection to perform details of work, such as: Erect poles, install anchors, make up and install guys. String wires of any gauge on poles or structures. Install rigging equipment, such as gin pole, blocks or boom. Install and connect transformers and related accessories. Install auxiliary equipment such as regulating transformers, capacitors, making necessary connections. Do work on live conductors of all voltages in accordance with prescribed methods. Make up and install pole fixtures. Frame and install terminal pole fixtures. Install brackets, cables and outdoor meter enclosures. Install, remove or change primary and secondary meters and related accessories. Trim trees and cut brush. Remove any or all of the above equipment. Administer first aid and artificial respiration, including "pole-top" rescue. Manipulate fall line or wire on winch or power reel; or, when assigned, signal the operation of winch or boom. Erect structural steel towers and A or H frame wood structures. Paint steel towers, as required. Do switching in accordance with established procedures.

SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: For continuity of service when working on circuits upon which outages cannot be arranged. Respond to after-hours outage calls. For proper care and use of tools used in the performance of work. For cooperating with others and acting with professionalism and a safety-first mindset to restore service in case of emergency or outages. For avoiding errors which might cause over-voltages, short circuits or outages. For use of safe methods of procedure and for conforming to safety rules to insure public safety as well as the safety of those working with him.

CONTACTS: With customers and Ameren representatives in connection with carrying out assignments. With Overhead and Underground Foremen, Dispatch Supervisors while performing switching operations.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Exposed to outside weather conditions; infrequently called upon to work at night under inadequate artificial light, and at times in rain, sleet or snow; subject to storm work in emergency during any period of the24-hour cycle; subject to cramped or crowded positions and at times slippery or uneven footing.

HAZARDS: Subject to considerable hazard of falls or electric shocks, flashes or burns at all times while working on poles; to the hazards of street or highway traffic, about the work location, and to hazard of falling objects while working about the under poles and rigging.

QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduate or equivalent Satisfactory completion of an approved line apprenticeship education and training program Successfully pass the Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) test Must be able to obtain and maintain a class A license Should have a thorough knowledge of standard line construction and maintenance practices; must be able to read orders or sketches and write a legible hand; should be capable of clear thinking and be cool-headed and quick-acting in case of emergency; must be agile, active and able-bodied.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, genetic information, military service or status, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other class, trait, or status protected by law.