New York Power Authority Planner (I & C) in Marcy, New York

Planner (I & C)

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Job Description

The Planner, reporting to the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Superintendent is responsible for maintenance adherence and resource utilization. The Planner supports facility operations and maintenance departments by providing critical decision making skills as it relates to the oversight and management of NYPA’s preventative maintenance management programs. The Planner is responsible for tracking, managing and ensuring NYPA’s regulatory compliance in connection with NERC functional entities (GOP, GO, LSE, PSE, TO and TOP); FERC; DEC; RGGI and others. The MRM Planner is also responsible for resource utilization in the planning, scheduling and evaluating of all work tasks within the Corrective, Predictive, Preventive, Major Maintenance, Modification and Major Improvement Programs.

  • Plan work tasks utilizing established methods, policies and procedures, ensure resources are provided in a timely manner so that work can be performed effectively, minimizing delays, increasing resource utilization within the budgetary constraints while improving quality.

  • Oversee the planning and records management for regulatory activities.

  • Perform annual review of NYPA’s respective NERC/FERC compliance policies and procedures, (for FERC 693 and 706) policies and procedures .

  • Participate in the development and execution of mitigation plans for regulatory short falls.

  • Maintain the databases and ensure data completeness and quality, with the ability to generate compliance adherence reports.

  • Determine amount of resources to be utilized on Work Orders by developing and providing credible estimates including: labor, materials, duration, crew size, and contracted work costs.

  • Develop Job Plans and Job Packages by inspecting job sites and equipment conditions.

  • Use work measurement techniques, including developing of predetermined time standards.

  • Schedule Work Orders by programming work execution at the optimum time, based on considerations of priority and resource availability.

  • Generate Maintenance Work Orders and provide them to the Maintenance Supervisors as scheduled.

  • Interface with other Facility organizations for the planning and scheduling of work. These interfaces include Safety, Environmental, Operations, Purchasing and Warehousing.

  • Initiate and coordinate the availability of warehoused and direct purchase material to ensure that materials are available as needed.

  • Develop Job Safety Analysis for work orders and supervisor review.

  • Develop and submit “OKs to Work” and clearances to the operations department as required.

  • Utilize the MRM System to the fullest extent possible, documenting the performance of equipment and maintenance work.

  • Analyze workforce performance and, in conjunction with Maintenance Departments, recommended workforce method improvements.

  • Analyze equipment performance and, in conjunction with Maintenance Departments, recommended equipment performance improvements.

  • Develop Job Plans and Technical Maintenance Procedures consistent with the reliability centered maintenance program, by using established work measurement techniques; develop approaches to improve productivity and utilization.

Required Skills

  • Ability to develop, evaluate and present materials to employees in mandated technical areas.

  • Extensive experience in the electric power industry is essential in the evaluation and presentation for maintenance adherence and resource utilization to employees.

  • Ability to read and understand technical drawings and manuals pertinent to complex electrical and mechanical equipment and civil works.

  • Strong understanding of the various regulatory policies and procedures.

  • Must be able to develop short term, medium and long term maintenance plans and schedules, and ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner and in accordance with quality performance standards.

  • Must be knowledgeable of NYPA policies, procedures, and labor agreements and have a good understanding of each to consistently enforce them.

  • Must be able to write clear, concise and logical job plans and communicate those job plans to Regional/Site employees, other NYPA facilities, and applicable personnel from outside agencies

  • Ability to identify, logically dissect and generate solutions is necessary. Must be able to solve labor, technical, operational, and financial issues.

  • Ability to plan, coordinate and schedule projects independently. Must ensure NYPA’s preparedness for emergency response to system problems.

  • Ability to organize and present budgetary requirements and relative costs projected for the coming fiscal year.

  • Able to analyze preventive and corrective maintenance to suggest changes in frequency and scope of work.

Required Experience

  • BS degree in a technical discipline, with 5 to 10 years related utility or planning experience, is essential in the development , evaluation and presentation of materials to employees in mandated technical areas

  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in maintenance planning function, utility industry preferred.

Job Location

Marcy, New York, United States

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