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Job Information

LG&E and KU Energy Service Technician in Louisville, Kentucky


Job Description:

Employee will be knowledgeable of and follow all safety rules, procedures and practices.Employee acting in conjunction with supervision or individually as directed by supervision will assist and/or direct the training of other employees in the correct operating procedures necessary to fully satisfy the classification duties of Service Technician and all lower classifications within the subject line of progression or other duties with which the employee is familiar.Employee will, when directed by supervision, report to assigned locations for the purpose of receiving training and will actively participate in the training activities.Employee must satisfactorily complete all required training programs adopted by the Company.Employee will, during the normal performance of his duties, watch for and promptly report to supervision any damaged or defective equipment or conditions which may cause damage or injury.Employee will perform such other duties as directed by the Supervisor that are necessary to Company operation and are within his/her capabilities.Employee will keep all equipment, tools, materials and work areas in a clean and orderly condition.Employee will report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed.Employee will perform work in a responsible and cooperative manner to facilitate a positive working environment.Employee will complete work reports, forms and documents as required.Employee will represent the Company to the community with attention to the highest standard of conduct, appearance and attitude and will communicate with customers in a courteous and considerate manner.Employee will report, to proper supervision, job progress and all problems, or other factors which affect the job, except recommendations for disciplinary action.Employee will assume field credit duties by performing disconnection and reconnection of service when accounts are past due.Employee will perform duties associated with turning on or turning off single-phase and three-phase self-contained electric meters (< 250 volts).Employee will adjust regulator, use appropriate tools and read meters when connecting or discontinuing gas and/or electric service.Employee will perform field duties necessary in the investigation of customer complaints concerning high bills and related matters.Employee will perform field duties in a courteous and professional manner that will result in the positive, efficient resolution of customer complaints or concerns. Employee will perform field duties necessary in the investigation and reporting of energy theft or diversion.Employee will, if required, assume permanent district assignment.Employee will wear, maintain, repair and keep company furnished uniforms in a neat and clean manner.Employee will handle the Company's funds in a responsible manner.

Requisition ID:




Physical Effort:

Lifting, walking, driving

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Employee must be able to do a considerable amount of walking and work outdoors in all kinds of weather. 2. Employee must be able to perform simple mathematical functions accurately and operate computer equipment related to this position.3. Employee must have at least twelve (12) months experience as a Service Technician Helper or the equivalent and successfully completed all training and testing programs required in that classification.4. Employee must be able to write legibly.

Work Conditions:

Field environment; Exposure to stress, dirt, heat, cold, and noise.

Required Education & Experience:

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR ENTRY INTO:1. Employee must meet all general qualifications of employment. 2. Employee must be able to speak, understand, read and write English, and be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. 3. Employee must have education or knowledge equivalent to that normally represented by satisfactory completing the requirements for a high school diploma, or equivalent. 4. Employee must be able to learn to use the tools and equipment required in the work. 5. Employee must be thoroughly familiar with the Company Safety Rules and willingly see that they are enforced. 6. Employee must have a valid state driver's license and pass the Transportation Department's driver's test for operating Company vehicles, including those with manual transmissions. 7. Employee must be willing to work inside and outside under varying weather conditions. 8. Employee must be willing to report as directed to any facility for any shift where needed. 9. Employee must be in good health and be able to perform the physical requirements of the job. 10. Employee must be willing and able to communicate through both verbal and written reports. 11. Employee must have demonstrated ability to carry through work assignments, and conduct himself/herself in a manner that encourages cooperation and satisfactory work from others assigned to work with him/her. 12. Employee must have demonstrated proficiency in the ability to perform the duties associated with the lower classification(s) within the line of progression. 13. Employee must be able to lead, direct, and train other employees assigned to work with him/her to obtain satisfactory work results. 14. Employee must successfully complete such entry level testing programs as are promulgated by Louisville Gas and Electric to measure job responsive aptitude, ability to retain knowledge and problem solving skills. 15. Employee must have satisfied all attendance criteria adopted by the Company pertaining to this classification.16. Employee must demonstrate required skills by passing the safety audit and field proficiency test.17. Employee must be able to resolve all customer complaints/concerns in a professional and courteous manner.


820 West Broadway



Job Function:

Customer Service/Operations

Position Purpose:

Employee will perform field duties requiring an intermediate degree of skill necessary in the connection and disconnection of service at the customer's or Company's request and the discontinuance of customer accounts when past due.



External Title:

Service Technician