New York Power Authority Journeyperson Electrician in Lewiston, New York

Journeyperson Electrician

Tracking Code


Job Description

Maintains, tests, installs, repairs and removes electrical equipment under the jurisdiction of the Niagara Project. This work may take place in a variety of locations including generating plants, switchyards, river intakes and municipal electric stations. Switchyard responsibilities include overhead equipment and structures, underground distribution lines and lighting for station, switchyard and roadways. Uses electrical test instrument to perform routine testing and troubleshooting as necessary.

Required Skills

Must have successfully completed a certified apprenticeship. Must have a working knowledge of running wire though conduit, performing breaker preventative and corrective maintenance.

Knowledge of installing, repairing and operating building electrical and emergency power generation systems.

Knowledge of operating, troubleshooting and maintaining electrical systems of various applications.

Knowledge of safety procedures for the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems. Knowledge of safety precautions when operating motorized vehicles, equipment and hand tools. Knowledge of the operation and programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's).

Knowledge of National Electrical Code (NEC).Knowledge of local and national regulatory electrical codes and requirements.

Required Experience

Must have 5 years of experience at the Journeyperson level. Experience in the power industry preferred.

The New York Power Authority is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Location

Lewiston, New York, United States

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