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Avangrid Line Mechanic in Lancaster, New York

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Posted on:7 Sep 2023

Location: Lancaster, NY, US

Company: IBERDROLA, S.A.

Job Info

POSITION - Union - Line Mechanic 1/C, 2/C acceptable (NYSEG-NY-Lancaster)(38019)



Hourly Rate: $42.03- $54.16


  1. Under directive supervision does the most complicated construction and maintenance work on energizedconductors, structures and equipment.

  2. Must be able to make all types of polyphase transformer installations; do phasing and phase rotation onpolyphase circuits; do distribution and transmission switching and sectionalizing when required; trace andclear grounds and opens on series circuits.

  3. May be required to install instrument transformers; install, remove, connect or disconnect electric and/orgas meters and services.

  4. Performs other related and less skilled work as directed, including operation of transportation equipment.

  5. Directs work of other Linemen or Groundmen assisting him. (See Memorandum governing bonus pay forChief Line and Lineman 1/C assigned additional supervisory responsibility dated 9/29/68.)

Skills and Requirements

  1. Should have had at least three years' experience as Second-Class Lineman or its equivalent, asevidenced by an appropriate test.

  2. Able to perform routine operations of moderate complexity and variety based on detailed instructions.Equivalent to about two years of high school.

  3. Good working knowledge of Company's line practices and standards.

  4. Good working knowledge of the layout and characteristics of the distribution and transmission lines in thearea to which he is assigned.

  5. Must have working knowledge of electrical fundamentals as related to transmission and distributionconstruction and maintenance.

  6. Must be familiar with Company's Safety Rules, approved methods of resuscitation on or off the ground,and able to render practical First Aid.

  7. Must be able to qualify for automobile operator's license.


Physical Qualifications:

  1. Normal health, physique and use of senses as indicated by passing the required physical examinationgiven by a Company physician, including color perception.

  2. Strength and endurance adequate for arduous labor in all kinds of outdoor weather conditions.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Must be willing to work irregular and/or extra hours as required.

  2. Must be willing to work under unusual or special working conditions and surroundings, as well as thenormal working conditions pertaining to this job.


  • Be a role model

  • Be agile

  • Collaborate and Share

  • Develop Self and Others

  • Empower to grow

  • Focus to achieve results

  • Technical Skills

Mobility Information

Please note that any applicant who is not a citizen of the country of the vacancy will be subject to compliance with the applicable immigration requirements to legally work in that country. If/when required, the Company will support the employee with the necessary Immigration requirements.