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JEA Protection & Controls Specialist in Jacksonville, Florida

This position is responsible for supporting the design, installation, maintenance, and NERC compliance activities associated with protection and control work. This includes, but is not limited to: event analysis, technical support, direct field support, process and procedure development, audit support, internal and external communications, training, and project management. This position will take a lead role on industry committees related to protection and controls and compliance activities.

Protection and Controls

  • • Develops technical processes and procedures related to protection and controls work.
  • • Investigates protection equipment operations to verify proper operation. Fulfills reporting requirements and countermeasures for misoperations.
  • • Provides event analysis including protection operations and human involvement events.
  • • Provides highly advanced expertise with technical issues regarding protection and control maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting including the ability to lead engineers and technicians in performing design, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting of protection and control equipment.
  • • Develops functional tests for protection and control schemes to verify proper operation.
  • • Retrieves and analyzes protective relay settings and event reports to investigate protection system operations.
  • • Updates firmware and settings on protection and control equipment.
  • • Develops protective relay settings.
  • • Performs studies, modeling, and analysis of protection system settings and schemes.
  • • Develops schemes and standards for protection systems.
  • • Provides oversight, including budgeting, of large, complex projects.
  • • Provides oversight for engineering and construction contractors.

*Compliance *

  • • Develops processes and procedures related to compliance activities.
  • • Develops and implements processes for identifying new/revised standards and determine the effort required to maintain JEA’s compliance with the new regulations.
  • • Develops action plans for implementing recommendations from regulators and consultants during audits or gap analyses.
  • • Develops documentation for mitigation plans as a result of a self-report or alleged violation and ensures that all documentation is submitted on schedule.
  • • Develops mitigation plans and submits plans to the FRCC and/or NERC.
  • • Develops strategies to improve JEA’s processes to ensure compliance and documentation requirements are met.
  • • Collects, reviews, organizes, and presents evidence for reliability standards; identifies areas for improvement; tracks action plans to ensure completion.
  • • Completes and reviews documentation, including RSAWs, prior to self-certifications and audits.
  • • Determines the recurring requirements of the Reliability/CIP standards. Sets up the work-flows and notifications process to allow for ongoing tracking of these requirements.
  • • Possesses thorough knowledge of PRC and CIP compliance requirements and measures.

Communications and Reporting

  • • Communicates technical and compliance issues and assists in the development of strategies to address these issues.
  • • Implements communications strategies to improve JEA employees’ understanding of regulatory obligations and technical processes.
  • • Delivers other corporate awareness educational materials and programs to inform employees of JEA’s responsibilities under NERC and FERC.
  • • Prepare for and documents compliance committee meetings.
  • • Provides training as required.

Industry Participation

  • • Participates in NERC Reliability/CIP Standard development and other activities at NERC.
  • • Participates in other industry groups (FRCC, NATF, AEIC, FMEA, etc.).
  • • Works with voters to determine whether to vote for or against new/revised standards and interpretations and documents the rationale for these decisions.
  • • Prepares comments on Reliability/CIP Standards and notifies Standard Owners when new standards pass.
  • • Determines whether standard revisions require additional monitoring to ensure compliance.
  • • Organizes and facilitates audit documentation preparation and submittal efforts.

_Education:_Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from an ABET accredited school. AND *Experience:*Eight (8) years successful experience in Protection & Controls.

*License/certifications/registrations:*A valid driver’s license is required prior to appointment and must be maintained during employment.* *

Job: *Operations - Electric

Title: Protection & Controls Specialist

Location: FL-Jacksonville

Requisition ID: 11838