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Gainesville Regional Utilities Principal Engineer/Principal Utility Designer in Gainesville, Florida

Principal Engineer/Principal Utility Designer



Principal Engineer/Principal Utility Designer


$103,640.00 - $155,460.00 Annually


Gainesville, FL

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Gainesville Regional Utilities, the 5th largest municipal electric utility in Florida, seeks a Principal Engineer for the Energy Delivery Engineering Division who will perform high level, independent, professional and technical work with a focus on Electrical Underground Distribution Design, and/or Overhead Transmission Design and Transmission & Distribution Materials, Engineering, & Construction Standards, Maintenance, Reliability, Planning, Budgeting and Training.

The primary attribute of this position will include knowledge of underground electrical distribution systems, overhead to underground conversions of electrical distribution systems, planning and budgeting of work and improving the reliability of electrical distribution systems. The successful candidate will be required to support a wide variety of projects, both as an individual contributor and project leader/ team leader.

To be considered for this position you must possess a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and eight (8) years of experience in the design of underground electrical distribution systems and overhead to underground conversions of electrical distribution systems.

A valid U.S. Driver License is required at the time of hire; a valid Florida Driver License is required within 30 days of start date.

The ideal candidate will have experience or certification in the following areas:

• Thorough and complete understanding of overhead and underground electric distribution engineering design and excellent knowledge of electric distribution and/or transmission system functionality.

• Must have extensive experience in overhead to underground conversions of electrical distribution systems.

• Ability to provide reliable electrical distribution engineering design while following approved construction standards and all applicable rules and regulations.

• Ability to manage electrical distribution projects and work with developers, construction crews, other utilities as well as City, County and State agencies.

• Ability to develop, write and provide training on Technical Procedures, Distribution Construction Standards and Design Specification for Energy Delivery.

• Must be able to assist in restoration efforts of the electrical distribution system following outages and other incidents. This may include assessing circuit damage, trouble shooting, assisting line crews and/or other duties deemed necessary. Must have knowledge of or be prepared to learn National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS).

•Good understanding of NEC and NESC and other applicable codes and local ordinances including rules, regulations and guidelines established by local regulatory agencies.

• Knowledge of mathematics, electrical principles, alternating current and physical science as applied to electric utilities.

• Ability to perform engineering planning, feasibility studies, cost estimating and economic analysis including technical report writing.

• Excellent organizational, report writing and presentation skills.

The City of Gainesville serves as the cultural, educational and commercial center for North Central Florida, and is home to Florida's largest and oldest university. Thanks to our dedicated and hard-working employees, Gainesville is an award-winning City with something for everyone! The City also offers an outstanding benefits package to our employees.

* May fill multiple positions *

* May establish an eligibility list for future hiring. *

* May require additional assessments to fill the position. *

Job Description


Utility specific industry and organization-recognized, independent professional performing advanced technical engineering work requiring knowledge and application of the latest advancements in the field.


Positions allocated to this classification report to a designated supervisor and work under general supervision. Work in this class is distinguished from higher classes by its lack of managerial responsibility and from lower classes by its emphasis on the application of intensive and diversified knowledge and advanced engineering skills and coordination of engineering staff to complex and novel projects.

Provides technical guidance on unusual, non-typical, complex problems and projects requiring a high degree of creativity, foresight, mature judgment in anticipating and solving unprecedented engineering problems.

Note: It should be understood that the job competencies, duties and requirements of the Engineer IV / Utility Designer IV are inherently included in this position.



Depending on area of assignment:

· Prepares or coordinates the preparation, review, and approval of engineering analyses, specifications, and reports for complex projects.

· Plans, organizes, and supervises the work of engineer(s), utility designer(s), engineering technician(s) and/or consultants. Evaluates progress and performance of the staff and results obtained, and recommends major changes to achieve overall objectives. May involve performance management responsibilities.

· Initiates and maintains extensive contacts with key engineers and officials of other organizations, requiring skill in persuasion and negotiation of critical issues. Requires guidance by management in addressing customer requirements.

· The individual contributor may serve as a resource or guide by advising others on how to use processes within a system or as a member of a collaborative problem-solving team.

· Represents the organization in conferences to resolve important questions and to plan and coordinate work.

· Develops and modifies engineering theories, precepts, practices, and procedures. Formulates operating policies.

· Keeps abreast of new scientific methods and developments affecting the organization for the purpose of recommending changes in emphasis of programs or new programs warranted by such developments.

· Develops and evaluates plans and criteria for a variety of projects and activities to be carried out by others.

· Serves as the technical expert for the organization in the application of advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes. Devises and develops new approaches to problems encountered.

· Carries out complex or novel assignments requiring the development of new or improved techniques and procedures or carries out projects that involve a number of engineering disciplines. Work typically results in the development of new or refined equipment, materials, processes, products, and/or scientific methods.

· Serves as the technical specialist for the organization in the application of advanced theories, concepts, principles, and processes for an assigned area of responsibility (i.e., subject matter, function, type of facility or equipment, or product).

· Applies knowledge of engineering economic analysis to projects or systems; compares alternatives using appropriate economic analysis. Reviews and approves the economic analysis and engineering recommendations prepared by others and interprets results to support policy, ratemaking or budgeting.

· Provides guidance, assistance, and interpretation to others. Guidance relating largely to overall objectives, critical issues, new concepts, and policy matters.

· Designs and evaluates engineering projects and activities with internal departments, outside consultants, and contractors on complex projects.

· Interprets, organizes, executes, and coordinates assignments.

· Initiates and maintains extensive contacts with key engineers and officials of other organizations, uses skill in persuasion and negotiation of critical issues, including the initiation and maintenance of extensive contacts with these parties.

· Develops and makes technical presentations.

· Develops, implements, and maintains an annual work plan and annual budget.

· Attends work on continuous and regular basis.


· May coordinate major areas of engineering activities.

· May act in absence of supervisor.

· May be responsible for enforcing the drug policy.

· Will be required to respond under emergency conditions.

· Performs other related duties as assigned.


Bachelor of science in engineering degree from an ABET accredited educational institution and eight (8) or more years of experience in the area of assigned engineering responsibility. Appropriate co-op time and/or an advanced degree in engineering, business or other relevant courses of study may substitute for up to one year of experience.


Valid State of Florida Professional Engineer license may be required.

Must meet the FBPE requirements as defined in Chapter 471 of the Florida Statute and obtain and maintain "Professional Engineer" Licensing as required by Water/Wastewater Engineering, Public Works, Energy Delivery and Principal Engineers assigned to the water/wastewater, and special projects areas of Strategic Planning.

Valid Florida Driver License required.


· May require supervisory experience.

· Work may require performance of tasks outdoors under varying climatic conditions.

· May work at heights of over 100 feet on open grating or from aerial device.

· Work may require physical strength and agility sufficient to safely perform all essential functions.

· Work may require use of personal protection equipment including hearing protection, eye protection, foot protection, hand protection, and head protection.

· Work may require exposure to hazardous conditions and noxious chemicals.

· Work may require performance of tasks in extreme heat and confined areas.


Depending on area of assignment:

· Demonstrated proficiency with MS Office Suite and a proficient knowledge of specialized software utilized in the engineering discipline as required by the individual department.

· Ability to make decisions and recommendations that are recognized as authoritative and have an important impact on engineering and other activities.

· Ability to receive supervision and guidance that relate largely to overall objectives, critical issues, new concepts, and policy matters.

· Ability to devise new approaches to problems as encountered.

· Ability to exercise sufficient professional experience and subject matter expertise to assure competence in the specific engineering discipline.

· Ability to assume full technical responsibility for interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating assignments.

· Ability to plan and develop engineering projects concerned with unique or controversial problems which have an important effect on major programs.

· Ability to apply complex and most current industry engineering theories, practices, and techniques to atypical challenges encountered in the organization.

· Ability to exercise judgment, sensitivity, decisiveness and creativity required in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory, judgmental and/or subjective criteria, as opposed to criteria that are clearly measurable or verifiable.

· Ability to resolve a variety of complex problems such as conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of standard materials, and coordination of personnel.

· Ability to perform in a high-level individual-contributor position that may provide limited supervision or coordination of work among one or more engineer/designer I, II, III or IVs, engineering technicians, consultants and other support personnel who assist in specific assignments.

· Ability to work effectively with elected officials, charter officers, department heads, and representatives of other agencies, other city employees, and the general public.

· Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills including persuasion, consensus building and negotiation of critical issues.

· Ability to perform involved mathematical and engineering computations.

To learn more about benefits available to eligible City of Gainesville / Gainesville Regional Utilities employees, please CLICK HERE.


Do you possess a Bachelor's degree in engineering from an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited educational institution?

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Please identify below the number of years of relevant experience you possess in the power industry.

  • Two (2)- Less than four (4) years

  • Four (4) - Less than six (6) years

  • Six (6) - Less than eight (8) years or more

  • Eight (8) Less than ten (10) years

  • 10 or more years


Do you possess a minimum eight (8) years of progressively responsible experience in the design of underground distribution systems and overhead to underground conversions?

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In the space below please describe any experience you may have in the design of overhead and underground electric distribution systems?


In the space provided please describe any experience you have in managing projects, and training an engineering team. Please be specific.

Experience must be reflected on application for consideration.


Do you possess experience in electric distribution planning and reliability improvements?

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Do you have experience as a team lead and/or supervisor ?

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Please indicate that you are aware it is important to clearly identify on the application and that you are encouraged to provide attachments such as copies of transcripts, proof of Veteran status, resume, cover letters, licenses, or any education, specialized classes, coursework or certifications as applicable that you participated in to gain skills related to the Reliability Engineer position?


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City of Gainesville


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