MidAmerican Energy Company Electric Meter Technician Apprentice 1st 6 months in Carroll, Iowa

Under general supervision, works in the field or meter shop and with internal and external customers performing duties such as installation, repair, operation, inspection, maintenance, and testing of all types of electric metering and associated equipment, including primary meter installations. Works from written and oral orders, prints, sketches and specifications. Performs work in accordance with all applicable codes and standards of safety, and utilizes various electrical instruments and meters.

Typical Duties

  • Performs all work in a safe manner. Complies with all applicable safety rules, regulations and procedures. Performs all work that they are qualified and trained to do in a manner to protect themselves, their fellow employees and the public from injury.

  • Inspects, tests, adjusts, calibrates, and repairs all types of electric meters and indicating demands, solid state totalizing metering transducers, substation metering and related equipment.

  • Performs intricate disassembly and reassembly to close tolerances of all forms of electric metering equipment. Function tests equipment to operate within precision limits; diagnoses electric meter deficiencies and takes corrective measures.

  • Reads, interprets, and utilizes drawings, schematics and wiring diagrams.

  • Creates, makes inspections, and lays out for installation all equipment and devices necessary to complete a satisfactory electric meter installation, including the installation of instrument transformers, panels, cabinets, wiring, conduit and associated required items to make complete installations on both primary and secondary metering jobs.

  • Tests instrument transformers for breakdown; ratio, polarity, phase angle, and other defects. Operates circuit analyzer and interprets results.

  • Works on energized conductors and equipment (not to exceed 600 volts), sometimes in close quarters. Bypasses load on such energized circuits in order to avoid service interruptions. Performs voltage checks and grounding on all equipment per safety rules prior to working on metering equipment.

  • Investigates proposed new facilities and changeover of existing facilities for primary metering service in order to determine suitable location of equipment; makes recommendations to management, customers, or contractors.

  • Inspects electric meter installations before energizing equipment to make certain that the installation meets all Company and applicable governmental requirements.

  • Computes meter multipliers; makes field checks of installations by others to ensure correctness of installation as to wiring, multiplier and completeness of circuitry.

  • Assists in all shop phases of maintaining proper inventories, which includes receiving and shipping of electric meters and meter accessories.

  • Issues and records metering equipment assigned to electrical contractors and customers.

  • Coordinates work in shop and field to assure proper records.

  • Sets, removes, connects, and disconnects, at electric meter, service entrance, or at pole when in conjunction with their normal duties. Reads electric meters and recording instruments for test, revenue, and power quality purposes.

  • Tests electric meters on customer property to satisfy high bill complaints; assists customers in determining cause of complaint; checks for grounded circuits and defective wiring and appliances. Sets recording voltmeters.

  • Converts “A” type meter installations to socket type installations and installs necessary conduit and wiring to effect change.

  • Replaces blown potential fuses and instrument transformers in switchgear as necessary, after all safety precautions are taken.

  • Designs, installs, and maintains energy management data collection system in conjunction with customer's metering systems, which may include pulse relay initiators. Works directly with customer or customer's contractor.

  • Reads electric and gas meters on industrial and utility customers as assigned; makes periodic checks of all large electric meter installations to ensure correct operation and registration.

  • Designs, installs, and maintains specialized metering for the purpose of measuring harmonic distortion, transformer losses, line losses, bi-directional energy flow, volt amp hours, non-electrical quantities (i.e. water, steam, and gas), and interval metering.

  • Investigates radio and television interference complaints and cooperates with other divisions to clear up this interference by company equipment.

  • Abides by all city, wiring ordinances, state and national electric codes, and other applicable rules and regulations.

  • Maintains proficiency in and uses computers, which includes desktop, laptop, hand held, and mobile data terminals, in the performance of duties.

  • Has knowledge of complete software application programs. Creates and or maintains computer application software for programming and interrogating all types of meters.

  • Inspects, tests and maintains solid-state recording devices. Understands appropriate specifications, applications, diagnostics, error codes, and functions.

  • Installs and maintains communication equipment for company or customer use.

  • Performs all work on polyphase meters and polyphase transformer rated meters and associated devices.

  • Assists with research, development and special metering projects as assigned.

  • Leads, trains and instructs employees in their work.

  • Previous electrical experience is required.

  • Expereince with metering or related electrical equipment is preferred.

  • Must be able to read mechanical drawings, schematics and wiring diagrams.

  • Valid drivers license

  • Pipeline Alcohol and Drug testing

  • High school diploma or equivalency required

Employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without an accommodation.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Job: *Electric Distribution/Service

Organization: *Customer Operations

Title: Electric Meter Technician Apprentice 1st 6 months

Location: IA-Carroll

Requisition ID: 1800406