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Job Information

PG&E DCPP (Nuc) Mechanical Engineer - EFIN in Avila Beach, California

DCPP (Nuc) Mechanical Engineer - EFIN Location Avila Beach, California;

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Requisition ID # 144770

Job Category: Engineering / Science; Nuclear Generation

Job Level: Individual Contributor

Business Unit: Generation

Work Type: Onsite

Job Location: Avila Beach; San Luis Obispo

Department Overview

Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) safely and reliably produces electricity that is environmentally responsible and cost effective for our customers and shareholders. DCPP's mission is to be the leading nuclear power plant in the country and to: Inspire and positively influence the industry through our safe, reliable, and excellent operational performance. Embrace new ideas to continuously improve our plant and our work environment. Proactively learn from ourselves and others. Enrich our communities and the environment, increasing the public's trust and confidence in nuclear power.

Position Summary

This is an ESC Local 20 represented exempt classification currently subject to collective bargaining.

This is a journey-level engineer job that requires mastery of the Associate level engineer skills and duties and is responsible for leading the engineering and design of more complex projects and tasks. Uses independent judgment in applying engineering principles, working with limited supervision. Works with operations and maintenance personnel, engineers, project managers, and other business partners in assessing project and plant needs. Responsibilities beyond those of associate engineer include, but are not limited to, the following: Develop technical studies and reports, communicate with regulatory and other outside agencies, and provide guidance to lower engineers, contractors and outside vendors.

To obtain and maintain employment, you must be able to pass a drug and alcohol screen, a security background check for unescorted access to a nuclear plant, psychological screen, and be subject to random drug and alcohol screening in fulfillment of federal requirements.

PG&E is providing the salary range that the company in good faith believes it might pay for this position at the time of the job posting. This compensation range is specific to the locality of the job. The actual salary paid to an individual will be based on multiple factors, including, but not limited to, specific skills, education, licenses or certifications, experience, market value, geographic location, collective bargaining agreements, and internal equity. Although we estimate the successful candidate hired into this role will be placed towards the middle or entry point of the range, the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis related to these factors.​

A reasonable salary range is:​

California Minimum: $​106,956

California Maximum: $162,660


The tasks and projects for the team should be of short duration. High impact items, as defined by plant maintenance and operations departments, will be given top priority. In general, these high impact items would have a real or potential impact on plant capacity factor or maintenance daily schedule adherence.

Engineering products and services provided by the EFIN engineer are:

  • Design configuration control (Minor Modifications, NMODs, TMODs, FC’s, RPE’s and FCT’s);

  • Equipment/component trouble shooting & problem solving

  • Setpoint changes and non-complex calculations

  • Response to maintenance or engineering staff requesting engineering support for work in progress (leak repairs, scaffold walk downs, rigging evaluations, bolt torque questions, material evaluations, SISIP evaluations, procedure issues, piping and hanger issues, door and penetration issues, and laydown issues);

  • Minor emergent changes to STP’s and maintenance procedures

  • Operations single point of contact for equipment OPERABILITY concerns

  • Emergent work response to PMT, STP and return to service requests

  • Act as single point of contact for the Engineering Services organization for technical issues.



  • A four-year Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Engineering or a related technical discipline from an accredited curriculum in the United States or the equivalent as defined in ANSI/ANS-3.1-1 993

  • Mastery of the Associate level Engineer job duties or equivalent and demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform the basic duties of the Journey Level Engineer. Meets specific technical requirements gained through a minimum of four years of cumulative experience in engineering and related science or three years as an Associate Engineer (NUC). Has obtained applicable qualifications for position as specified in the Engineering Support Personnel training program.


Team members must be knowledgeable of plant SSC’s and design processes and should have a broad maintenance engineering background or prior design experience. These qualifications are important to the success of the team in that it permits a quick issue turnaround without spending extensive time on research. Team members should have maintenance knowledge, as well as, design experience. In addition, good communication and decision making skills are imperative.

  • A current Professional Engineer License (PE) in Mechanical Engineering from California

  • A four year degree in Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)

  • 4 years experience in mechanical systems design and performance (pumps, valves, piping, instruments, flow, temperature, pressure, etc.) related to systems and components, including analysis and design

  • Ability to troubleshoot system and component problems and utilize fault tree analysis

  • Familiarity with nuclear power plant primary systems

  • Familiarity with nuclear power plant secondary and tertiary systems

  • Familiarity with valves (MOVs, AOVs, Check, Relief,etc),

  • Maintains an absolute commitment to safety for self and others.

  • Investigates/analyzes assigned technical issues, with close supervision of method, progress, and resources.

  • Applies basic analytical and investigative principles and scientific theory to routine problems. Prioritizes, plans, and recommends solutions.

  • Assists other auditors, engineers, project teams, and supervisors by developing, compiling, and providing technical data.

  • Effectively communicates, both written and orally.

  • Approaches and plans work in an organized manner applying established policies and procedures.

  • Demonstrates conservative judgment when making decisions and recommendations.

  • Frequently shows initiative.

  • Has good to excellent knowledge of applicable nuclear process principles, ASME and ANS codes, regulations, policies, and procedures related to the industry and PG&E; and related to their field of expertise.

  • Familiarity with civil engineering and materials engineering principles

  • Understanding of electrical and instrument and control interactions with mechanical systems


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