American Electric Power Maintenance Mechanic-Junior in Winfield, West Virginia

Title Maintenance Mechanic-Junior

Auto req ID 16347BR

Location Winfield, WV

Job Type Full-Time

Job Category Power Plants

Relocation No

Job Description Perform work in the checking, inspecting, repair, maintenance, installation and construction of plant equipment and structures. Inspect, erect and/or remove simple scaffolding, rigging and blocking and assist in the erection or removal of extensive or complicated scaffolding, rigging and blocking. Use appropriate tools and perform jobs such as drill and tap holes, thread bolts, cut and thread pipe, mill and prep boiler tubes, use measuring devices required in the work, and learn to perform simple machining jobs on machine shop tools. Use layout tools such as rules, scales, straight edges, dividers, trams, squares, levels, plumb bobs and protractors to lay out plane figures on flat surfaces, such as coal conveyor wear plates, bolt holes on man covers, and flanges and holes for conduit in junction boxes. Perform non-code electric arc welding such as building up work surfaces on wear plates where warping is not a problem, and where adequate stock remains to prevent burning through; make tack and assembly welds in the maintenance and construction of items such as jigs, fixtures, chutes, hoppers, wear plates, and cable troughs where such welds are not required to be continuous structural welds. Perform metal cutting (oxyacetylene, propylene, etc.) and simple welding and brazing in the flat position. Use oxyacetylene torches, LP gas torches, and the like, for purposes of assembly or disassembly, bending, forming, or heat-treating when the configuration of the object is such that intricate control of heat application is not required, such as in the removal of couplings from service water plumps, sump pumps and bending U-straps from carbon steel. Perform electrical work such as pull in and terminate 2- and 3-wire conductors for lighting or fractional horsepower circuits and make repairs to same; tape electrical connections on circuits up to and including 260 volt, AC and DC on fractional horsepower equipment; use clamp-on ammeters and voltmeters; clean de-energized electrical equipment. Install and make repairs to masonry refractory and insulation. Replace and adjust valve packing, drive balls, conveyor idlers, gauges glasses, sight glasses, position/level switches, pressure gauges, manometers, pressure switches and similar devices. Inspect, clean, repair and reassemble as assigned: oil igniters and nozzles, pulverizers, feeders, fans, dampers, air preheaters, heat exchangers, precipitator rappers, hopper heaters & insulators, small motors, pumps, fans, slag blowers, etc. Clean and mask surfaces preparatory to painting; perform paintings using brushes or spray equipment with approved paints. Perform rough carpentry work, make minor repairs to brick or concrete walls and floors, perform rough plastering, replace glass and repair window and door hardware. Operate mobile equipment and its associated equipment and perform duties incidental to the operation of such equipment. Maintain equipment, tools and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. Obtain clearance orders and determine that the equipment to be worked on has been properly cleared and tagged. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions to supervision. Perform duties in accordance with Company's safety rules, operating regulations and practices. Train for and carry out assignments in firefighting, first aid or other emergency programs as required. Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

Associate degree in engineering, industrial or energy technology; OR Associate degree in another discipline and two (2) years of related work experience; OR high school diploma with four (4) years of related work experience; OR high school diploma with two (2) years of related military experience. Related experience is listed under Principal Accountabilities. Must also have performed the duties of, and have maintained all the qualifications of the line-of-progression starting with EO Jr., Maintenance-line-of-progression and must be able to pass an examination, as required. Normally achieved with 1040 hours as an Equipment Operator-Jr or equivalent. 1. Must be familiar with plant maintenance, materials, practices, tools and rigging, scaffolding and blocking involved in the work. 2. Must have demonstrated the ability to physically and mentally perform work in all areas and heights required. 3. Must be familiar with the layout, construction, and functions of the equipment and apparatus in the plant and about the plant property. 4. Must be familiar with equipment clearance procedures, rules, safety practices and procedures applicable to the work. 5. Must be able to read, interpret, and work from simple prints and specifications. Must be able to learn to instruct and direct other employees. 6. Must obtain and maintain all necessary certifications and licenses as required. 7. Must possess the appropriate State driver's license.

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