New York Power Authority Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist in White Plains, New York

Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist

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The New York Power Authority is making investments in industry-leading Asset Performance Management (APM) technology and is now utilizing advanced predictive analytics across its generation and transmission infrastructure. The Integrated Smart Operations Center Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist is a first of its kind role at the Authority. This investment is part of NYPA’s Strategic Vision 2020 and is aimed at providing both NYPA and New York State with the most reliable generation and transmission grid in the industry and to ensure that the most advanced industry solutions are leveraged to maximize asset performance in key financial and reliability areas.

The Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist will be directly responsible for overseeing the daily use, maintenance, and improvement of advanced predictive models that are used to identify and communicate advanced condition monitoring and data analyses of critical systems, components, and processes, to the assets owners. In addition, the Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist will compile and distribute detailed Integrated Smart Operations Center analysis reports, which will serve each of NYPA’s generation and transmission business units. The Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist will work in an intellectually challenging and rewarding environment, as part of our central and regional asset management team comprised of hydro generation, fossil generation, and transmission data management experts, to ensure that the Integrated Smart Operations Center supports both daily operational analysis needs and long-term asset management strategic decisions.

  • Responsible for capturing incipient operating anomalies by applying your specialized understanding of power generation and transmission systems and your specialized operational knowledge of hydro and/or thermal power plant systems.Responsible for using and improving advanced analytics software to aggregate, consolidate, and evaluate operational data into documented asset health reports in support of NYPA’s Asset Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Center and to quantify financial, reliability, and performance improvements related to your findings.

  • Working independently to gather data to support your monitoring and diagnostic conclusions across our fleet of hydro, thermal, and switchyard assets.

  • Responsible to investigate, prioritize, and document advisories, convert them into documented ‘cases’ then clearly communicate to site Operations Managers on a weekly basis.

  • Responsible to prioritize and evaluate advisories, well in-advance of potential equipment failures, and then promptly interact with hydro and thermal plant personnel to provide recommendations to optimize plant equipment, avoid equipment down-time, and improve plant systems performance.

  • Responsible to improve pattern recognition models to identify changes that will have a positive effect on the operating behavior of interacting plant systems, equipment, and components with the goal of ever increasing plant reliability and improve hydrodynamic and thermodynamic performance.

  • Responsible to use your specialized knowledge of plant systems to evaluate historical data and trend equipment performance to predict heat-rate and efficiency, promptly alerting asset owners of deterioration within those trends which could adversely affect the reliability, availability, maintainability, and performance of NYPA’s hydro and thermal fleet with the goal of continuously improving NYPA’s Generation and Transmission performance.

  • Use your specialized knowledge of plant and transmission systems to develop new models and to update, retrain, and evaluate the adequacy of the existing models when equipment is upgraded or replaced.

  • Create documented reports of critical components by evaluating data to produce useful information through use of advanced (deep machine learning) analytics software.

Required Skills

  • A thorough understanding of transmission power systems and a good working knowledge of the NYPA hydro & thermal power generating facilities.

  • Operational knowledge of steam and/or hydro turbines, generators, support systems, breakers, and switchgear

  • Knowledge of asset monitoring across transmission asset classes such as, transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, capacitors, phase angle regulators, load tap changers and reactors

  • Strong working knowledge of rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, turbines, generators, and field instrumentation.

  • Power plant operational experience and knowledge in power plant equipment and controls, power plant troubleshooting, and systems operations.

  • A clear understanding of data management best practices and asset management processes.

  • Knowledge and experience using data historians (OSI Pi for example) and other software tools to analyze and troubleshoot problems

  • A working knowledge of condition monitoring, vibration analysis, and diagnostic technologies.

  • A positive attitude and proactive approach to customer needs and requests.

  • A proactively curious and questioning attitude regarding subtle changes. Detail orientated.

  • Ability to prioritize and plan work with respect to project schedules, and emerging conditions and to deliver results in a timely manner.

  • Strong oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills and the ability to compile clear and concise reports

  • Based in White Plains with approximately 20-25 % travel within NY State.

  • Ability to travel to project sites to coordinate with asset management and technology management teams.

  • Ability to staff the iSOC during a declared emergency (storm, system restoration, etc.)

Preferred Skills and Abilities for iSOC Senior Monitoring and Diagnostic Specialist:

  • Operating, maintenance and troubleshooting experience with GE, Siemens, Westinghouse, Alstom, ABB or any other OEM turbine and generator designs.

  • An understanding of similarity-based pattern recognition, plant performance software, or other reliability or condition based predictive diagnosis software applications.

  • A proven track record of problem-solving, interpersonal, and communication skills.

  • Familiarity with the use of predictive analytics techniques and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

  • knowledge of Maximo, Microsoft Office, Pi Process Book, and/or ETApro

  • Demonstrated ability to work in any plant control system such as GE Mark VI, Woodward Micro-Net Plus, Siemens T-3000, GE Harris RTU’s, GE i-fix, Cimplicity/Proficy, etc.

Required Experience

  • A technical degree, preferably in Process Control, Mechanical, or Electrical Technology AND at least 10 years of power plant or transmission operation’s experience in a leadership or technical position; OR at least 20 years of demonstrated power plant and/or transmission operations experience in a leadership or technical position.

  • Position will be filled at a level commensurate with experience, this may be lower than this posting.

The New York Power Authority is and Equal Opportunity Employer

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White Plains, New York, United States

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40,000.00 - USD