DTE Energy Facility Manager in United States

Facility Manager - High BTU Landfill Gas Facility

  • DTE Biomass Energy*


Represent DTE Biomass Energy as operator of the landfill gas to energy facility. Direct operations of the facility by merging traditional operational responsibilities with asset management responsibilities thereby delivering production and financial results consistent with commitments made in the budgeting process while meeting safety and environmental objectives. Lead employees in continuous improvement of performance while maximizing employee engagement.


  1. Deliver budgeted net income targets

  2. Maintain plant on-stream rate above 96%

  3. Make monthly operating expense and production forecasts with 90% accuracy

  4. Meet emissions requirements

  5. Achieve employee engagement score target

  6. Keep safety as number one priority


Analytical skills, Attention to detail, Efficiency, Teamwork, High standards, Integrity, Strategic thinking, Persuasiveness, Enthusiasm


This position is responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the Seabreeze Gas Producers project in Freeport Texas. The site takes landfill gas and strips contaminants, carbon dioxide, and oxygen out of the gas stream, creating a natural gas product for delivery into natural gas pipelines. Manages client relationship activities. Directs work of specialists supporting operations including energy efficiency, procurement, project management and others. Maintains a culture of operating excellence with the highest priority on the health and safety, environmental, regulatory compliance, and employee engagement. Prepares budgets, forecasts, production reports, compliance and safety reports. Prepares monthly operating reports and forecasts for partnership representatives. Manages employee development and evaluation processes. Work requires a high level of independent judgment, initiative and discretion with results viewed through the achievement of set goals and adherence to policies and procedures. Rallies teams to respond to operational issues quickly and safely. Reports to the Regional Operations Manager.


  • Act as owners rep during the construction of the new facility

• Monitors financial performance against budget expectation and takes necessary corrective actions to meet expected results

• Establishes goals for operational staff and monitors performance

• Ensures all major contract obligations and commitments are met by reviewing with project and operational staff the objectives, language, key terms and relationships involved

• Interacts with peers at non-regulated and utility affiliates and general industry to establish “best practices”. Identifies and implements best practices concerning operational and maintenance activities.

• Manages technical and logistical resources for all operations related activities.

• Plans and schedules major overhauls and outages

• Tracks operational performance with regard to availability, capacity factor, forced outage rate, etc. Identifies trends and compares performance against benchmark data. Provides technical and operational solutions to correct deficiencies.

• Reviews monthly production and operating expenses and provides forecast for the remainder of the year

• Works toward optimal employee engagement to ensure employees clearly understand their role and have the tools, training and resources necessary to perform to the best of their ability

• Promotes safe operating practices. Assists with safety investigations

• Promotes environmental stewardship and compliance with environmental regulations. Assists with environmental investigations and responses as required

• When necessary recruits, selects and trains site staff

• Performs all other related duties as assigned.


At least ten years of increasing responsibility in management roles in power generation, manufacturing or industrial environment to provide for the following:

• Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate both verbally and in writing to internal and external audiences

• Organizational skills with the ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple simultaneous activities.

• Proven ability to take tasks, assignments and projects from start to completion without significant supervision

• Significant experience with budgets, operating plans, income statements and pro forma models

• Thorough understanding of the financial impact of operational and maintenance decisions at a facility

• Ability to create and maintain effective working relationships

• Supervisory skills that result in highly engaged employees

• Knowledge of contract terms and conditions and the ability to administer complex contracts

• Ability to respond quickly and effectively to operations and logistics problems in order to provide timely solutions

• Ability to analyze data for key performance metrics and trends

• Knowledge of regulatory processes

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel; familiarity with email, scheduling, commitment tracking, customer relations and time reporting software

• Ability to function within a matrix organization in which functional and business leaders have equal authority within the organization and employees report to both a functional leader and a business leader

  • Knowledge of PLC’s, gas and industrial processes, automated valving, and chemical processes.

  • DTE Energy is an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, national origin, citizenship, height, weight, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy, protected veteran status or any other status protected by law.*

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