City of Tacoma WA NERC Compliance Internal Auditor (Power Engineer II) in Tacoma, Washington

Position Description

The Tacoma Power's Reliability & Compliance Office is accepting applications for a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Compliance Auditor to conduct performance audits on systems and processes utilized to operate electrical generation and transmission systems. This position is responsible for assessing Tacoma Power's compliance with Operations & Planning NERC and Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Reliability Standards. This is a complex role requiring the ability to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of management controls, risk management efforts, operating policies and procedures, as well as organization and flow of work that effect reliability and compliance of Tacoma Power's system. An employee in this position will be responsible for devising efficient methods to determine compliance with applicable requirements, and recommend solutions to mitigate risks. The position requires an understanding of electrical systems, system operations, associated processes and procedures, and the NERC and WECC Reliability Standards as they relate to reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System. A background in auditing is also necessary. This position reports to the Tacoma Power Reliability & Compliance Supervisor.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting performance audits on systems, processes and procedures
  • Independently coordinate and conduct system studies to determine appropriateness of procedural and functional activities, as mandated by NERC Requirements regarding reliable operation of the bulk electric system.
  • Audit project sites, facilities and related evidence to assure that proper equipment and materials have been installed and commissioned in compliance with applicable NERC Requirements.
  • Direct subject matter experts and assign tasks, as needed, to show compliance with NERC/WECC Requirements, and lead internal cross functional teams to gather and verify reliability and compliance related data from a team of Power System Engineers, Power Dispatchers, Line Crew Supervisors and others;
  • Verify operating practice changes and updates are performed in accordance with NERC Reliability Standards;
  • Coordinate and review the work of staff, consultants, and vendors for compliance with the NERC Reliability standards; research and work with others to determine compliance with other applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Conduct internal investigations
  • Investigate customer-reported compliance issues; provide detailed report of findings and make recommendations to governing body on services, programs, projects, policies and objectives, as appropriate.
  • Review evidence of inspection and testing of equipment, devices, and facilities to determine cause of equipment malfunction or failure and propose mitigating action to resolve and prevent future occurrences.
  • Recommend revisions to reliability and compliance related policies and procedures as a result of data gathered and feedback from staff when performing audits, investigations, or other reliability and compliance related activities;
  • Provide support to others in the selection, procurement, testing, installation and acceptance of project components and equipment. Participate in development of standards and procedures as appropriate. Answering technical queries
  • Confirm operating practices and procedures are per industry standards and/or regulatory compliance; Assist subject matter experts in researching and preparing work plans, goals, procedures and proposed solutions to complex reliability and compliance related issues; Create reliability and compliance related reports regarding the construction, operation, and maintenance of Tacoma Power's electrical system, as needed
  • Responsible for mandated and ad hoc reports to management; Develop reports and fulfill data requests; Prepare and present reliability and compliance related materials to a wide variety of audiences, including senior management; Research and analyze technical information and data, and prepare reports;
  • Develop and prepare Self Reports, Mitigation Plans, and other external and internal reliability and compliance related documents;
  • Maintain current technical knowledge of NERC Requirements in order to update policies and procedures, and contact other electrical utilities in order to gather statistical information and compare compliance and reliability measures
  • Assist in selection, training, and evaluation of other staff, as needed Qualifications


  • Bachelor's degree or six years employment in electrical engineering, business administration, computer science or a related field;
  • Three years' experience in performance auditing;
  • Analysis in electrical utility related regulatory administrative matters, especially in NERC/FERC/WECC area, or FISMA, PCI, or HIPPA;
  • Experience working in the power industry regulated by WECC/NERC as an engineer or performance auditor. General Certifications (one or more are desirable):

  • CIA: Certified Internal Auditor

  • GIAC: Global Information Assurance Certification
  • CBCP: Certified Business Continuity Professional Knowledge & Skills



Develop methods of data collection and results interpretation. As necessary, implement results of research studies or programs with an appropriate and effective course of action based upon outcome or findings as it applies to assigned engineering duties.


Prepare and present effective oral and written communications for professional and general public use.


Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with co-workers, the general public, city, county, state and federal agencies while coordinating research in support of assigned department programs. Establish, coordinate and direct work teams to accomplish assigned tasks to a successful completion.


Plan and organize work to meet schedules and objectives. Remain abreast of the latest management methods and techniques.

Technical Knowledge

Sufficient current technical knowledge to interpret and convey both orally and in writing, the requirements of NERC and WECC reliability standards.


Use data and information in a clear and rational process to assess and understand issues, evaluate options, form accurate conclusions, and make decisions. Gather, assemble, analyze and evaluate facts to draw logical conclusions and make proper recommendations and prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive written reports which require displaying and presenting statistical, graphical, and other reporting methods to audiences of varying technical sophistication.


Effectively identify, collect, organize and document data and information in ways that make the information most useful for subsequent assessment, analysis, and investigation using current software and techniques. Compile and maintain reports, records and various other forms of pertinent information in an organized and professional manner.

Problem Solving

Use intelligence, common sense, hard work and tenacity to solve particularly difficult or complicated challenges. Employ expertise, credibility, and effective partnering to help clients identify, evaluate and resolve complex or sensitive issues, problems and service needs.


Conduct all assignments in a professional and timely manner. Work with confidentiality and discretion. Maintain professional skills that apply to all aspects of field of assigned specialty through continued education and/or training. Model effective group behavior such as listening, discussing, negotiating, encouraging and motivating. Remain current on applicable laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures within engineering field assigned.

Program Management

Appropriately prioritize and concurrently provide guidance and consultation on multiple programs, integrating many factors into decisions, and ensuring that work progresses toward achieving goals and objectives.

Necessary skills include proficiency with Microsoft Office suite.

Selection Process & Supplemental Information

Interested individuals should apply online and attach a detailed resume and cover letter that includes major responsibilities and accomplishments related to this position. Applicants who have the strongest backgrounds related to the responsibilities of this position may be invited to participate in an interview. Appointment is subject to passing a background check.

If you have any additional questions regarding this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 253.591.5400 before the closing date.

Salary: $77,563.20 - $99,424.00 Annually

Location: Tacoma, WA

Job Type: Non-Classified

Department: Power

Job Number: 2132-B17

Closing: 11/9/2017 5:00 PM Pacific

Agency: City of Tacoma

Address: Human Resources Department 747 Market Street Tacoma, Washington, 98402-3764.

Phone: 253-591-5400