InfraSource Quality Control Inspector (QCI) in San Antonio, Texas

With over 2,000 employees located in 30 locations across 20 states, InfraSource provides a comprehensive scope of construction and professional services to the natural gas and electric industry. Utilities and Pipeline Operators throughout North America choose InfraSource for its extensive knowledge, expansive resources, and unmatched scope of services. With legacy companies dating back to 1954, InfraSource has built its reputation as an industry leader for solutions and a premier provider of infrastructure services with a solid track record of performance, integrity, and - above all - a commitment to safety and quality.

Position Title: Quality Control Inspector (QCI)

Job Summary:

Perform quality assurance (QA) audits and quality control (QC) tests and inspections on work performed by IFS crews. QCI’s adhere to all Safety and Quality policies and Client’s Standards and Procedures.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Employee safety and quality compliance. A QCI ensures all phases of work performed by IFS employees meet requirements, specifications, etc.

  • Demonstrate teamwork and passion in championing safety and quality. Must be willing to stop work, if necessary, to resolve an unsafe situation or quality nonconformity.

  • Accountable to ensure nonconformity issues are documented, communicated and corrected.

  • Conduct crew on site construction quality control tests and inspections. Facilitate corrective and preventative actions while on site to resolve actual / potential nonconformities on the work.

  • Conduct post construction quality control tests and inspections, crew not on site. Document and ensure that corrective action is taken on nonconformities on the work. On occasion, make minor corrections while on site to correct nonconformities on the work for which they have appropriate OQ qualifications to perform.

  • Conduct trainings on Clients’ Standards, Procedures, Specifications and Requirements in addition to other pertinent training, as qualified to conduct.

  • Work with Clients and/or IFS personnel to create useful training materials to develop and enhance employee knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5 – 7 years’ experience in the Natural Gas Industry.

  • Excellent teamwork and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Must be competent in conflict resolution.

  • Basic computer skills, to include email, Word, Excel, MS Office, etc.

  • Able to read and comprehend industry related standards, procedures, specifications, requirements, manufacturer’s instructions, etc.

  • Be physically able to hand dig and perform other physically demanding tasks.

  • Must be willing to develop and enhance quality KSAs and accept feedback.

  • Valid Driver’s License with acceptable driving record.

  • KSAs to obtain Operator Qualification certification within 6 months of employment of the covered tasks they will be testing and inspecting.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 year Associates Degree or equivalent.

  • Welding or pipe joining qualifications.