Exelon Reactor Operator -JAF in OSWEGO, New York

The SNO is the senior represented Nuclear Operator on a shift. The SNO directs and coordinates the work of all Operators of a lower grade on shift that are engaged in the operation of a Nuclear Power Plant, including the Nuclear Steam Supply System, Turbine Generator and all Auxiliary Equipment and associated 345KV and 115KV Switchyards during plant startup, shutdown, refueling, emergency and normal operating conditions. From an operating standpoint, the SNO is responsible for proper operation of all the Nuclear Power Plant's equipment within the confines of Technical Specifications, Operating Procedures, Special Procedures and all other procedures that apply to operation of the Nuclear Power Plant. As the Senior Nuclear Operator on the shift, he/she may be present at any point within the Nuclear Power Plant or its associated 345KV or 115K Switch Yards as conditions dictate so as to most efficiently discharge the duties of the SNO. The SNO may, when conditions or circumstances dictate, assume the duties and responsibilities of the Nuclear Control Operator. (Some of these are core alterations, fuel movement, license requirements and plant emergencies).

Special duties include, but are not limited to:

Directs (and may perform when conditions and circumstances dictate) the work and duties of lower grade Nuclear Operators. From an operating standpoint, coordinates the activities of personnel working in the plant facilities. Maintains an active interest in the Operations of the Nuclear Power Plant and through reading and study should keep current with the technological advances as they apply to the position of Senior Nuclear Operator.

M u s t ha v e the abil ity to qu a l ify a s a R a diat io n Prot e cti o n Sel f M o nit or.

M u s t be t h e hold e r o f an N R C Re act o r Op erat o r s L i c e ns e .

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M ust h av e t he a b ility to as s ist in t h e t rai n i n g o f o th er e m p lo y ee s.

Mus t have tw o y ear s’ o pe ra ti ng ex pe rie n ce in a th er m al p o w er p l a n t of whi c h a mini mum of o ne year s ha ll b e as a NCO o r equiva len t.

Job Operator

Organization: Generation Nuclear

Title: Reactor Operator -JAF

Location: NY-OSWEGO

Requisition ID: 207577