Michels Corp Robotic Camera Cutter Technician in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Robotic Camera Cutter Technician

Location: Fond du Lac, WI

Division: Michels Pipe Services

Employment duration: Full time

Employee Referral Bonus: Tier 3


The position would consist of operating robotic closed-circuit television equipment in sewers and traveling throughout the Midwest.

The essential duties and responsibilities of the position include, but not limited to:

  • Identify and communicate workplace hazards while adhering to safety policies.

  • Operate TV camera for initial pre and post-inspection of existing pipe.

  • Manuever cutter equipment to reinstate lateral services.

  • Troubleshoot and conduct routine repairs on electronics and pneumatic equipment.

  • Administer any additional clean up to newly created pipe.

Qualified candidates must possess a high school diploma or equivalent and a valid commercial driver's license. Candidates must have the capability to lift objects weighing greater than 75lbs on a daily basis and have the willingness to learn industry specific software. Candidates with previous experience with sewers, lateral launching systems and utility locating are preferred, but not required.