Iberdrola USA Meter Reader Collector (NYSEG 49980) Brewster NY in Brewster, New York


Business and Department

NYSEG-NY-Brewster Brewster,NY


A. Duties: 1. Under directive general supervision performs any or all of the duties of a Meter Reader and of a Collector. 2. Performs other related or less skilled work as directed.

B. Experience, Education and Special Information Required: 1. Should have one year's experience as a Jr. Meter Reader Collector or its equivalent. 2. Must be able to perform semi-routine operations of moderate complexity and variety where standard methods of procedure are available. Equivalent to four years of high school. 3. Must be able to qualify for an automobile driver's license. 4. Must be familiar with Company's Meter Readers' Manual, Safety Rules, approved methods of resuscitation and be able to render practical First Aid. 5. Must be qualified to secure a fidelity bond.

C. Physical Qualifications: 1. Normal health, physique and use of senses as indicated by passing the required physical examination given by a Company physician, including color perception. 2. Strength and endurance adequate for continuous light manual work.

D. Personal Qualifications: 1. Must be able to meet public in pleasant, tactful manner. 2. Must give special attention to cleanliness and neatness of person.3. Must have established reputation for being strictly honest in the custody of money or property. 4. Must be willing to work extra hours as required. 5. Must be willing to work under unusual or special working conditions and surroundings, as well as thenormal working conditions pertaining to this job.

  1. Must be particularly alert in observing hazards and avoiding accidents.

Company: New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)

Job Title: Meter Reader - Collector

Location: Brewster, NY (NYSEG-NY-Brewster)

Cross Company Responsibility: N/A

REFERENCE: 5074147201

Publication date: 25.07.2017