MDU Resources Group Engineer Associate/Construction Coordinator in Bremerton, Washington

Job Summary:

Responsible for pre-engineering, project coordination, inspection and related design, economic justification and installation of gas distribution systems and other construction related activities. Responsible for facilitating and coordinating with internal and external customers in the construction of new and existing facilities.

Minimum Qualifications:

Engineer Associate - Grade 34 Must possess a working knowledge of gas utility operations at a level normally acquired through an Associate’s Degree with strong technical emphasis or related experience, including a minimum of two years experience in the construction or maintenance of related facilities. Ability to work with potential customers and outside entities, including municipalities and other utilities.

Engineer Associate II – Grade 35 In addition to meeting above requirements, employee must have four years experience as an engineer associate. Employee’s job assignment/location must require individual to demonstrate skills, knowledge and ability to recognize matters needing attention and to initiate action on that recognition. Must have excellent working knowledge of company practices, procedures as well as state and federal requirements and understand policies, practices and precedents to exercise sound judgment in handling or referring non-routine situations.

Engineer Associate III – Grade 36 In addition to meeting all above requirements, employee must possess a working knowledge of gas utility operations normally acquired through a four year degree in engineering or business related discipline or eight years of related work experience and two years experience in the construction or maintenance of gas facilities. Provides operations direction and expertise as need within the District/Region.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Works with Regional Management to help coordinate construction work and new service installations in the most efficient manner possible.
  2. Prepares construction authorizations, maps, forms, permits, locates, and other documents relating to construction and maintenance of projects and equipment.
  3. Facilitates installation of service by measuring service or main lines and securing commitment contracts. Serves as liaison between the company crews, customers, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants regarding systems design and construction while ensuring safety and appropriate construction practices are observed. Serves as a point of contact for the Company.
  4. Prepares feasibility studies and engineering design of distribution extensions. Defines specifications and assures proper installation according to Company, State and Federal regulations.
  5. Oversees and provides inspection for crews performing construction, maintenance or restoration duties, provides after-hour support during emergency conditions, accepts “Supervisor On Call Duty” as assigned.
  6. Recommends changes to policies, practices, standards, and procedures that may enhance efficiency, reliability, or safety.
  7. Assists with design and construction management of new facilities.
  8. This position exists in several locations and the emphasis of the various job functions will vary from location to location.

Key Skills and Compentencies:

  • Ability to remain calm and prioritize work during stressful situations.

  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate multiple groups on a project.

  • Requires a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications and Mobile applications.

  • Required to maintain a valid driver’s license.

Other Requirements:

  • May be required to submit to periodic background checks if position requires access to security sensitive business locations and/or systems.

  • May be subject to on-call requirements on a rotating basis, requiring person residence to be within District boundaries.

Preferred Qualifications:

Degree in business or engineering disciplines and prior leadership experience.

Company: Cascade Natural Gas Corporation

Department: Operations

Location: Bremerton, WA

Hiring Manager: Kendall W Youngblood

Closing Date: 09/24/2017 at 11:59pm CDT

Job Type: Full-Time

Entry Level: $3,630/$4,933 - $4,538/$6,167 /month