MDU Resources Group Project Manager in Bay Area, California

Job Summary:

GENERAL SUMMARY/PRIMARY FUNCTION Promote On Electric Group’s Core Values, safety culture and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). Provide overall supervision and technical management on construction project sites from bid preparation through job close out documentation to the customer. The project manager shall be responsible for all of the following tasks and actions. They may choose to delegate to more appropriate persons on their team, however they ultimately are responsible.



  • Read and understand the limits to the required scope of work. (when is a change order required)

  • Understand how to find the notice requirements for constructive changes, delays or project acceleration.

  • Determine the pricing for the job (ie fixed price, T & M, GMP, etc.).

  • Know and understand the closeout requirements.

  • Know and understand the term of the contract or period for performance.

  • Know and understand how the “Contract Amendment/Change Order Process” is addressed in the contract.

  • Seek out and identify projects that fit our target market

  • Assist and or prepare cost estimates and proposals

  • Attend job walks

  • Develop recurring customer base

  • Meet with customers to identify their needs and scopes of projects

  • Coordinate with vendors for required scopes

  • Ability to manage multiple sales opportunities and or projects simultaneously

  • Conduct the pre job meeting.

  • Invite all project team members to the pre job meeting. (Include Operations Manager, Operations Reporting Controls and Safety Professional)

  • Prepare the pre-job meeting agenda.

  • Review minutes and distribute to attendees.

  • Review Safety Violation Process.

  • Initiate the job site hazardous analysis.

  • Notify Director of Employee Assistance of any special substance screening requirements. (i.e., Hoffman projects – 6 months vs. Local 48 1 year).

  • Set Goals for the project.

  • Develop and use appropriately a man loading project schedule.

  • Evaluate manpower needs using the cost to complete, job cost tracking report, and the project schedule.

  • Analyze how we are doing against estimate, use to predict manpower needs for job. (The Cost to Complete Report addresses this measurement.).

  • NOTIFY FOM, as soon as possible, of significant changes to you most recent manpower forecast.

  • Track labor by phases and accurately report labor on the Cost to Complete

  • Set up job cost tracking report.

  • Close or be involved in all bid closings.

  • Review the budget with the estimator.

  • Phase projects with the estimator and field.

  • Turn in accurate budget numbers for each phase on the Cost to Complete form.

  • Determine which phases or areas have the highest labor component (highest risk area).

  • Review and use the budget to create a schedule of values that generates a positive cash flow.

  • Review and/or check updated job cost information.

  1. SUBMITTALS / O & Ms
  • Help Estimator and PA obtain and assemble timely submittals.

  • Review all submittals.

  • Review submittal log once a month and monitor submittal process. Help expedite or resubmit as appropriate.

  • Help develop O & Ms to ensure a timely closeout.

  • Initiate, direct and review all large purchase orders, subcontracts and sign, if authorized.

  • Review, approve and sign all invoices against major purchase orders.

  • Review tracking of large purchase orders from subcontracts.

  • Do not allow overpayment of large purchase orders or subcontracts.

  • Understand the terms and conditions from our Purchase Orders

  • PM’s main responsibility for production is to coach and suggest

  • PM must make sure Foreman or Field Supervisor knows their responsibilities, preferably in writing.

  • Pre-planning is the key to Production, Quality and Safety. The PM is responsible to incorporate such tools as short interval task planning, hazard analysis and other appropriate tools to promote the highest Quality and Production while performing to a goal of an injury free job.

  • Review with PA rough draft or prepare final draft correspondence for normal activities.

  • Write special correspondence as appropriate.

  • Help insure that correspondence is done timely, professionally and accurately.

  • Communicate with the President or Manager any significant items or significant changes in the job (good or bad).

  • Use RFI/DCVR log to track information requests from customers.

  • Provide timely and accurate feedback to field leaders.

  • Work with PA and Estimator to create positive cash flow payment schedule.

  • Work with PA and Field Supervisor to insure that billings are performed timely and accurately and within customer constraints.

  • Review aging reports and feedback

  • Work for billing amounts which have positive cash flow.

  • For special cases and in coordination with the PA follow up on payment collections (be proactive where possible).

  • Retainage – Work with PA to bill timely, collect (including partial release of retention when possible).

  • Get change orders included if possible.

  • Anticipate & include materials, equipment in the billings which are on the job but not invoiced by the supplier at the time of billing.

  1. Payroll
  • Shift changes should be approved by the Union and communicated to our payroll personnel as soon as possible.

  • Time cards need to be turned in accurately (with correct Job and Phase #) on Friday afternoons, but no later than Monday, 8 AM.

  • Time cards must be signed by the individual and the project managers.

  • Performance Measurement – For all jobs over $100K use, complete the Cost to Complete form monthly and return to the feedback manager. The highest priority purpose is for positive field feedback and recognition. Quantity measurements must also be used on all projects over, $2,000,000.
  • Analyze the cost to complete report.

  • Accurately update percent complete reports.

  • Walk the job, get discuss production forecasts with field leaders.

  • Update estimated hours and costs monthly on the cost to complete report.

  • Understand earned value.

  • Coordinate/assign responsibilities for change proposals. Work with the Estimator, PA and field leaders for proposals, scope of work definitions and clarity.

  • Review proposals for proper pricing and presentation. Turn in change order pricing timely (based on contract time frame) and within customer constraints.

  • Review log of changes at least monthly. Take necessary action.

  • In special cases and in coordination with PA, follow up for billing and payment.

  • Help PA obtain budgets for accounting.

  • Analyze the total change order amount verses the original contract amount.

  • Negotiate early release of retention.

  • Assure that retention is paid.

  • Review and Submit O & M’s.

  • Assure record drawings are complete, accurate, and submitted as early as possible.


  • Help provide information for current reports for manpower and who’s estimating what.

  • Provide input or participate in discussion as appropriate (esp. for processes).

  • Attend the Monday morning week look-ahead meeting.

  • Provide information and updates to the Marketing Department for pre-qualifications.

  • Prepare for pre-qualification presentations.

Minimum Qualifications:

MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE Requires the knowledge of electrical construction and theory at a level normally acquired through the completion of a five –year electrical apprentice program.

KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Strong management skills. Excellent human relations skills and ability to maintain confidentiality. Demonstrated financial analytical skills. Excellent oral and written communications skills. PREFERRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE (scenario options) 1. Five years experience in a project management position outside of OEG. 2. Electrical apprenticeship, journeyman, wireman, project foremen/ general foreman, mentorship. 3. Construction management degree, OEG mentorship. 4. Estimator/Project supervisor, OEG mentorship.


Equal Opportunity Employer/AAP

Drug screen and background check required

Company: On Electric Group, Inc. (OEG)

Department: Operations

Location: Bay Area, CA

Hiring Manager: Eric D Wennstrom

Closing Date: 10/27/2017 at 11:59pm CDT

Job Type: Full-Time